You could get ‘it’ cheaper.

You know that ‘We Buy Any Car’ advert where they tell you, up front, that you could sell your car for more money if you did it yourself? I’m doing the same, because I trust you, as an intelligent woman, to make the best decision for yourself.


There’s absolutely no denying it. And you know what? I think it is absolutely fantastic that there are options emerging for women with more limited budgets. And you know what else? I’m not knocking these offerings, not at all. They are exactly the right choice for some women.

But not for all. If you can afford it, I want to tell you a bit about why you might consider paying more, and what you’re really paying for. Because we are not just providing you with a hypnobirthing course. Many of my clients talk about how what they’ve learnt with us CHANGED THEIR LIVES. We are offering you a new perspective- one that inspires you to smash through cultural norms and refuse to be a victim in birth. When you take that kind of step, it teaches you something about yourself, and there’s no going back.

But there’s more too…


When you join us for Hypnobirthing, or Pregnancy Relaxation, you enter our online client group, where the women are just AMAZING. It’s a none judgemental haven of sharing experiences and solutions, making connections, lifting each other up, passing on good gear (is gear a euphemism for drugs?? If so- not what I mean…) We get together in real life too. They are a limitless, gorgeous pot of info and insights, and I am SO PROUD of the community they’ve created.



I have this real issue with how, when I became a mum, I felt like I was spending all this time in spaces I wouldn’t normally have been. It all contributed to the sense of having given up my old life, and having to step into this new one. The new one was full of unfamiliar, uninspiring places, and I didn’t like it. I felt relegated. I’ve created a space that’s for mums, but not mumsy.

Or, of course, we can see you in your own home.

We spend a lot of time in our course talking about the importance of optimising the birth environment- I think it always matters what we notice around us. It’s why we prefer nice hotels and luxe brunch venues- it feels like a treat for the senses.



Yes, we will teach you hypnobirthing skills. A full antenatal prep. I’ve also layered in a tonne of stuff I know works in my life and business coaching, and we weave in our own experiences, and those of our existing clients to bring it all to life for you.

We will tell you the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, and we will do it in a language that feels normal to you. I will definitely swear. I mean, if it goes down badly the first time, I’ll limit it, but if it’s well received…

My favourite compliment I’ve ever received? “Thank you for your hugely informative, and very human course”. This is more than just ‘good on paper’. We bring it to life in a number of dynamic ways.



Hands up if you want a goody bag rammed with leaflets?! Nah, me neither. Feast your eyes on some of the goodies you’ll get from us, which (including your mp3s) total over £50 worth of excellent, relevant stuff to boost you on your way.



You’re growing a human. You gotta have the good snacks. End of.



I’m not kidding, involve us, as much as you like. We want, more than anything, for you to feel lifted and guided and backed up throughout. We are here for you FOREVER- because, let’s face it, once the baby is here, shit literally gets real. We have other stuff for you- our Motherhood Mindset Mentoring Course, and something else new and exciting very soon.



Our clients get a few cheeky discounts from other local service providers


So, can you get ‘it’ cheaper? Is ‘it’ the same? No. That doesn’t mean it’s not good, or right for you, it might be the thing that meets your needs. But if you want more of the above, we are here for you, ready to welcome you into this buzzing corner of the world, where women are kicking the crap out of their birth fear in style.

For more info on our courses, click here. #doitlikeamother

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