WTF is Pregnancy Relaxation Group for?


I know it’s not a great title. A group, for relaxation. Surely you can just chill out at home? A bit, yep. But that’s not what the group is really about. Not entirely anyway.

You arrive, and someone (me) makes you a nice calming herbal brew. You snuggle down on a spongey mat, with cushions and blankets. You have entered a haven of info and support..

A place where you can let it all out to other women who GET IT. A place where I can direct you to all kinds of amazing local services, tips and tricks to ease any issue you’re having, and IMPORTANTLY some solid info to cut through any ambiguity you might be facing re your options.

So we will check in, and connect. Often, someone else in the group will be sharing your experience.

Then, lay down and let me talk you through a focussed breathing style to trigger a sense of calm, flooding your body. I’ll also give you some help with how to use the breath, combined with simple mindset work, to create further peace, or confidence when you need it.

Next, straight into a gorgeous, long, magnificence infusing relaxation script. Allow me to get to work balancing out all that One Born Every Minute bullshit in your mind. Did you know it treats everything as a memory- whether it was real or imagined? So imagine an experience of happy, calm confidence and it counts as much as someone’s awful birth story. (We wanna tip that balance WAY in favour of the good stuff, which is why we have our mp3s that you can use at home, on repeat).

Then, as you gradually come round, I’ll top up your drinks, bring out the cookies, and get going on a topic to educate you. It could be labour hormones, language in birth, breathing for birth, positions, setting your partner up, how to plan for a C-section, whatever. I take requests, if there’s something you’d particularly like to cover.

And we chat some more, exploring your concerns, building you up.

Then you drift home, chilled and filled, knowing the facebook community is there for you out of hours.

So thee you have it- YES the relaxation is brilliant, but it’s about so much more than that. And it’s just £12, or book 4 or more to get 20% off.

Tuesday evenings, 7.17-8.15 with Keri at Do It Like A Mother HQ.

Or if you’re in Upminster go and see Chloe on a Sunday morning


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