“Wow, you’re so big. Are you sure it’s not twins?”

Has anyone heard this old chestnut when pregnant? Not particularly reassuring, is it?
If you are expecting twins, what a wonderful thing. Two little bundles of scrumptiousness! But if your bump is just big, it can be quite offensive and worrying.
But, just because you’re measuring big, doesn’t mean your baby will be big.
Here are a few things to remember:
👉Bumps tend to be bigger in subsequent pregnancies because your muscles are more stretched and have more ‘give’ for that second or third baby.

👉 Just because your bump is big, doesn’t mean your baby will be big. As Charli at @live_differently_sleep said in our community chat last week (also the first episode of our new podcast), she always has big bumps, but her babies are small. You will not know how big or small your baby is until they are born.

👉 You can refuse to have growth scans if you wish. Although they’re a lovely opportunity to see your baby again, you don’t have to have them if you feel they could be detrimental to you or your baby’s heath.

👉 A big bump could be a sign of excess amniotic fluid or other conditions affecting your baby. If the midwife/GP/consultant suspects this, they may request other tests. It is up to you whether you want these. We highly recommend you read as much information and ask as many questions as you can before deciding, including any risks to you or your baby.

👉 If you have been advised to either be induced or have an early caesarian because your healthcare providers believe your baby is measuring too big, you can say no if you want to wait until your due date. You may be offered additional monitoring.

If you want to find out more about the birth choices available to you, @mamadotgang‘s group Birth Basics four-hour course covers the choices you have in pregnancy and birth.

It runs monthly at the weekend.

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