We are always open to welcoming brilliant women into our community. You’ve definitely got to be the right fit, of course, and our team members usually come through our services as clients first- then they KNOW who we are, and what it means to be a part of it. But if you’ve found us another way, we would love to find out more about you.

There are a number of ways to work with us, which I’ll talk you through below…

Hire the Studio

If your values are aligned with ours, we would love for you to hire the space. Please drop me an email at keri@doitlikeamother.co.uk to discuss rates and availability.

Advertise in our Directory

This is a paid service, available shortly after our new website launches, where you pay an annual fee to appear on our highlights list.  Again though, you must meet certain criteria- although it’s a paid service, we will only accept applications from businesses whose values are aligned with our own. Please email me for more deets keri@doitlikeamother.co.uk

Become a Brand Ambassador

There’s no money involved here. This is appropriate for you if you just love the vibe of DILAM, and you’d like to contribute your skills to women who need them. That could be listening, making tea, sharing encouragement, setting up or tidying up from sessions- basically facilitating the support on offer and helping us to reach more families.

Whilst there’s no cash, there are perks. We are talking a T-shirt, some sling or nappy hire if you want them- we are still working out the details but it’s simply a case of you help us to help families and we help you whatever way we can.

We want our Brand Ambassadors to be proudly shouted out on our website and in our Facebook community group, and for you to feel truly involved and valued within the team. We would love for you to contribute to our blog too, if you fancy it.

If there is a specific niche support group you would like to run, and it’s free for families to attend, you can have the studio for free to do that (depending on availability and again, as long as it’s aligned for us).

Interested? I’d love to hear from you keri@doitlikeamother.co.uk

Become a fully fledged member of The Team

Here’s the thing- if you’re in, you’re in! I get lots of messages from people running their own lovely brands, who are really compatible with us, but they want to retain them, and somehow be a part of this team too. Of course you can have other projects going on, but the skill you bring to us has to be under the DILAM header only- even when it’s conducted privately, in other locations etc.

You’ve also gotta be firmly ON BRAND. Our values- education, empowerment, equality, community, connection, and change need to mean something to you, and run through the way you do business.

Joining us involves paying an annual license fee which permits you to use the brand, and includes your stuff being bookable through the site, access to contribute to the blog and mailing list, a DILAM email address, reduced studio hire rate, some photography and the ongoing support of myself and the team.

I believe it’s most suited to those who are just getting started with something and are yet to become attached to or invested in a brand of their own, and those who would value retaining creativity in their business, but having the back up of an experienced team around them.

You are responsible for your own training and insurance costs, materials etc.

If you’re serious about this option, please drop me an email keri@doitlikeamother.co.uk

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