What? What place does werk werk werk have here? Here's what I know.

Motherhood brings with it a seismic shift. Our ideas about what is possible for us expand, as we realise we’ve basically created a new world. Doing anything for 40 hours a week (plus commute) that isn’t aligned with our values or our new perspective can be soul destroying. Plus the state of the nation when it comes to flexible working is largely ugghh, and so many mothers are looking to opt out of their existing career. Whether you are leaping, have leapt, or are thinking of a side hustle for now, it takes some resilience and inspiration to go it alone and to keep going – you can create that stuff with our support. To work like a mother is to work in a way that nourishes your soul AND your bank account. To know that you can’t do it all, but you can BE whoever you want to be. Join our community now – it’s time for you to thrive, in both motherhood and business.


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