Why The Calm Birth School?

image1It’s hard to put into words how pumped I am to be offering THIS hypnobirthing programme. It’s like someone (Suzy) stormed into my brain, took all of my frustrations about pre-existing resources and made them vanish. And then replaced them with so much fresh, juicy inspiration that sits perfectly in line with the way I spout the goods to my gang in person. I mean, what a gift. This is good stuff.

ALL that matters to me in your journey is that you are informed, supported, empowered, inspired, respected. I don’t care if this means you choose to birth naked in your back garden, or opt for an elective c-section. I work with intelligent women, quite capable of making these early parenting choices in the best interests of themselves and their babies, fit for their own circumstances.

The Calm Birth School way is exactly this, and the buzzing Facebook community of women from around the world provides daily inspiration and peer love too.

And what’s more, HypnoBirthdays Mamas will now get access to more resources than ever.

When I return to teaching in July, antenatal course attendees will receive:

The Calm Birth School Book

5 TCBS mp3s for relaxation and mindset transformation

The HypnoBirthdays Handbook- packed with additional resources I’ve discovered since training in 2013, including local intel to hook you up with a network of super supporters

Access to my local Facebook community of mega mamas, and invitation to free monthly meets, and occasional paid workshops with my expert colleagues, arranged as per demand

A couple of other tiny treats… Wait and see

Ultimately, there won’t be a huge shift in the content of the time spent with my clients. What will happen, is that everything will slot together just nicely- you will read Suzy’s voice in the book and and consider us a consistent tag team in your birth education.

I’ve been embracing TCBS resources in my second pregnancy, and am looking forward to sharing how they help shape my experience.

So if you’re expecting any time from September to the end of the year, get in touch to register your interest in new July and August dates. Be amongst THE FIRST Essex parents to join this fantastically modern approach to hypnobirthing.

email keri@hypnobirthdays.com

You can find a link to The Calm Birth School at the bottom of the homepage.


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