Who We Work With


Find out more about all the LOVELY people we work with and what they have on offer. From pregnancy and postnatal classes, parenting support and kids classes to social activities and relaxation.



Registered paediatric dietitian Lucy specialises in early years nutrition; as a mum herself she understands the difficulties that can arise with feeding babies and small children.

Lucy can help with early growth concerns, food allergies, the weaning process, fussy eating, colic, reflux and many other areas of childhood feeding.

Lauren Woolf

Sing and Sign &
That Kid Life

That Kid Life provides creative education for children. As well as STEAM-based craft classes for 3-11 year olds, we provide resources, workshops and online courses for parents.

Sing and Sign is the original, award-winning baby signing programme for 0-2 years, helping to develop early communication skills.

Nici West

Mummy Writes

As a short story writer, editor and mum of one I founded Mummy Writes to provide a safe space to embrace the chaos of parenthood.

I aim to not only provide a creative and intellectual challenge for parents, but help them to process experiences, and find new self-confidence and identity through creative exploration.

Emma Huggett

Monty's Play Hub

Emma is a parental guide, toddler specialist, Montessori enthusiast and children’s advocate. 

She helps parents and children grow, learn and play together through her developmental play sessions that promote curiosity, freedom and discovery, as well as responsive parenting courses and workshops that bring families together.

Dr Miriam Inder

Better Beginnings

People who have experienced difficult journeys to early parenthood often feel distressed and overwhelmed. This isn’t always understood by people around them.

I started Better Beginnings after challenges in my own parenthood journey. I became passionate about using my expertise as a perinatal clinical psychologist to help people feel safe, supported and understood and be able to shape their journey ahead.

Vickie GOrdon

sleep consultant

I’m Vickie, twin mummy and sleep coach.

I have been working with and supporting families with young children for over 20 years. My passion is sleep and helping families understand their child’s sleep.

I support families in setting great sleep foundations in place so that their little one can reach their full sleep potential in a reassuring, responsive and comforting way.


Alex Allan Nutrition

Registered Nutritional Therapist, BA (Hons), DipBCNH, mBANT, regCNHC

Alex Allan is passionate about food, cooking and health.

In her clinic, she works one to one with people to help them reclaim their lives from persistent health issues and start living normally again.

sam williams

My Yogi Tribe

Yoga makes me happy and I believe yoga is for anyone and everyone regardless of age, shape or size. My aim is to help woman to believe in themselves and show them that they can excel past their comfort zones. My vision is to help create a beautiful community of strong, self-believing women who are constantly challenging themselves.

Chloe Daly

daisy first aid

Our award-winning baby first aid class offers parents the skills and confidence to help their children in an emergency situation. Our classes cover newborn babies up to children of 12 years old.

Relaxed, fun and practical, we’ll give you hands-on training for a variety of situations, leaving you feeling empowered and prepared.

María Garcia


I’m a gestalt psychotherapist and have worked in the UK, Spain and Germany.

After becoming a mother and struggling with postpartum I decided to found a project called Unfiltered Motherhood to support, normalise and visualise real experiences of parenthood. 

I believe the societal narrative of parenthood is unrealistic and unachievable, having a detrimental impact on people’s mental health.



A local mum with a Montessori practical life background teaching simple floristry crafts to preschool children.

Each week brings a different craft and skill and a nature play time to follow. Simply floristry and nature play, relaxed class.

Their face when they say… look what I made!


Raising Change

I’m a primary school teacher, feminist, activist and parent. My aim is to support families who want to raise their children outside of the strict binaries of the white, heteronormative patriarchy and I want to empower them to raise their children to be empathetic allies to all marginalised groups.

Crystal Pavitt

Treasures on Sea

I’ve always had a love for candles and it’s inspired me to create a range for you to enjoy.

Whether you’re burning lavender to help you relax or a seasonal favourite, there’s a candle for every occasion.

And now you can join a workshop and make your own candles too.

Ella DIXON & Gemma Bennett

Soulful Hearts

A collaboration of holistic therapists and Reiki Masters Ella Dixon and Gemma Bennett. Offering wellbeing workshops, courses and events designed to enlighten, empower and enhance your wellbeing on every level. 

Soulful Hearts are passionate about making wellbeing practices accessible to everyone. They are calling for more authenticity, more genuinely empowered people who see their unique gifts and celebrate them along with the gifts of others.

Jo Bolter

Lovely Bread & Stuff

Lovely Bread & Stuff is an allergy friendly bakery with a difference. Not only are we 100% gluten free (coeliac baker) we try really hard to accommodate all other allergies.

Each item is freshly made from my home kitchen, Leigh on Sea, from quality ingredients to ensure that everyone receives the best product possible.



Sam has a passion for supporting individuals and small businesses to make realistic changes to reduce their waste and carbon footprint through her Eco Mentoring and Workshops.

After two decades as an Occupational Therapist, Sam uses her holistic, therapeutic approach to support those along their eco journey to achieve their sustainable goals.

Camilla Bevington


Camilla Bevington is a UK-based marketing professional supporting small business owners with their marketing and brand strategy. 

She encourages a mindful marketing approach, promoting genuine growth, nurturing content and a real connection with ideal clients.



Vicky has been coaching individuals, groups and businesses since 2009.

She cares passionately about People, the Planet and Profits for those people that are doing ‘good’ business and brings compassion to the world of coaching.

Vicky also hosts “Networking Playdates” for business owners with childcare responsibility. A chance to collaborate, share ideas and network – while your children play.

Stacey Williamson-Michie

awesome mama illustration

I’m Stacey, the Mama behind the illustrations. 

I started Awesome Mama whilst on maternity leave. Previously I ran a paper cutting business but spending months on one piece just didn’t fit with having a new baby. 

Awesome Mama is all about capturing moments and treasured memories. It’s about celebrating YOU as parents, even when you feel like you’re failing miserably, it’s to remind you that you’re doing your best and that’s just awesome!

Erene Dellaporta

Erene Dellaporta ART

Erene is an artist and workshop leader who’s work revolves around the female body & embracing it in all it’s forms & glory.


Having found a depth of inspiration in her journey to being a mother, she wants to empower all women through the tools of creativity to feel and be fabulous.



During my career as a NNEB qualified nursery nurse and in the NHS, I’ve successfully helped parents find solutions to many different parenting challenges. Keeping up-to-date with the latest information, I give personalised support and advice to empower parents; providing the tools you need to raise happy, healthy children.



Wild and Free makes children’s clothing that is fun, colourful and most importantly, comfortable so that your little ones are free to move and explore the world.


All items are unique just like your little ones and you can choose your fabrics and style. 

Lydia Hiscott

Premier Juillet

Hand made, few of a kind tote bags & hair accessories.

Using locally sourced, up-cycled fabrics.

A slower pace fashion, one scrunchie at a time.

Find exclusive items and more in the DILAM shop


Eden Beauty and Aesthetics

I’m Emma founder and owner of Eden Beauty and Aesthetics in Chalkwell established in 1998.

Our beautiful spa inspired space is all about taking care of your well being, providing you with a relaxing and cosy haven where you can come and take some time out just for you, and escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life.