What if Birth Could be Different?

Beautiful pregnant woman standing in a white gown

Have you ever found yourself trying to concentrate on something really hard and someone just keeps interrupting you? Annoying isn’t it?

Imagine, that thing you were concentrating on was giving birth. I mean, having a human exiting your body is no mean feat and it requires a substantial amount of concentration. You really need to be listening to you body, moving with each sensation you feel and giving in to its every urge. I’d wager it’s up there with  the things that most require our concentration, yet this seems to be massively under recognised in mainstream maternity care.

The current system works in a way that means that when the time comes to birth your baby, you have to meet a stranger, establish your wants and needs, negotiate what you would like to happen, go through in depth discussions about why you do and don’t want certain things and get yourself settled in an unfamiliar environment (unless you plan a home birth of course). Either that or you just give in and go with what you’re being told to do. Neither is exactly appealing, is it?

It’s overwhelming and it’s no wonder women find it hard to cope with giving birth when there are a million things distracting us from doing what we are meant to be doing. If you’ve given birth before and this all feels a bit too familiar- you’re not alone. This is the experience for many mums.

But what if it could be different? What if you could have someone negotiating for you, telling the midwife exactly what it is that you want? Making the environment feel like home? Giving you the physical, emotional and psychological support you need? The type of support that just cannot come from someone you met an hour ago.

Would it shock you to know that this is all totally possible? 

All of this wonderful support comes in the form of a doula. A doula is someone that is experienced in childbirth, that knows the biology and the science but that also knows the spiritual and emotional side of things too. She is someone who is there by your side, not just for the birth but during the pregnancy and postnatal period too. She is there to hold your hand, to show you your own strength and to help you birth like the spiritual goddess that you are.

The bond that you build with your doula means that during labour, you can just focus on what your body needs you to do. Your doula is there by your side and protecting you from unnecessary distraction. It’s just beautiful. It can add so much peace of mind, so much confidence and so much love to your birth experience. There’s really nothing like it.


If this sounds right up your alley, then you’re in luck. After 6 years of midwifery, I’ve hung up my stethoscope and I’m now working as a doula and I’d love to support you on your way to a positive birth. If you’d like to find out more you can read all about it here and you can find me on Instagram here.

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