What does DILAM mean to you?


When Mother’s Day was approaching, I thought it would be a lovely opportunity to explore what some of the team feel it means to Do It Like A Mother. Of course, doing it like a mother where I’m concerned means doing many, many things at once, and missing my self imposed deadlines…

But it’s still inspiring stuff. Pop over to our social media and tell us what DILAM means to you.

From Steph…

Steph Kidd

To me it embodies doing whatever is needed in the moment, with the best intentions. To get ‘it’ done, whether you are feeling on top of the world, or digging deep on a tough day to bring forward what is needed, to whoever is needing it.

It’s showing love, understanding, acceptance and connecting with the people around you.

It is doing things you weren’t even sure were possible until the moment you did them – getting a tiny human out of your body anyone? Surviving on 2 hours sleep a night for a week and still smiling at your baby when they look at you? Then returning to work in whatever capacity, or making the difficult decision not to for that matter? All this as well as juggling the seemingly endless list of things to do and places to go, people to see.

Even if you don’t feel like you’ve got your shit together – you are doing amazingly, because you’re doing it like a mother.

From Chloe M…

Do It Like A Mother is just a brand isn’t it? A brand for mothers looking to improve their experience of motherhood? Right? Wrong… it is so, so, so much more than that.

To me, Do It Like A Mother is a movement. It’s a way of reclaiming our power as women, of journeying back to our true selves, not the one that society would have us believe we ‘should’ be.

Our way of saying – this is mothering. This is mothering how I want to mother. This is me following my maternal instinct. This is me mothering- not only my children, but those around me. This is me standing up to the patriarchy. This is me standing in my femininity and raising others up as I do so. This is me doing it like a mother. This is me.

From the newest member of our team, Natalie…

Natalie Cahillane Meditation teacher image

About three and half years ago, we made the move to Chalkwell. It was a conscious decision to carve out a life less frantic with a bit more sea and a bit less burning the candle at both ends, as we looked to start a family.

A year after having moved and a few months in to our fertility journey we were told that it would be very very unlikely we would be able to conceive a child naturally. Not only that but that we would have sub-optimal odds of being able to conceive with IVF and to sign up for three rounds (with all the side treatments available) from the get go, as chances were so slim. Needless to say we were heartbroken.

My husband and I were / still are introverts by nature and irrespective of our having not made friends in our new area; it had, up until that moment, felt like home – full of possibility and in its own way – safe. Yet all of a sudden, here we were getting off the train that Friday afternoon in a state of shock as we watched the sun set over the sea, we felt alone, lonely even and disconnected from everything we’d been working towards.

Anyways, skip forward some months and low and behold we fell pregnant naturally, yaaaaay, we were so chuffed. Life opened up once more, however, quite unexpectedly the loneliness persisted. I think it was because when tough times struck we were aware of our isolation from our networks back in London. This feeling weighed on me, causing undue anxiety in the early days of my pregnancy, and, though I worked hard to manage it, I found myself questioning how would I be able to take on motherhood so far away from ‘my people’.

That was until I started looking in to hypnobirthing practices locally. In my google wandering I found DILAM and there was just something about the language, I felt instantly connected to the way Keri and her team spoke about birth, motherhood and the experience of ‘being a woman’ in general.

Getting on to the course and then finding Cake Club, Sling support and the social accounts was huge. So I suppose, put simply ‘do it like a mother’ to me, means community; knowing that there are a group of people there that get it, that you are not alone. And even if you don’t access half as much DILAM has to offer, just knowing it’s there can make you a massive difference. But if you do access some of that support, then there is great power and reassurance to be had in the feeling of being ‘seen’ and ‘heard’ without judgement, and usually with biscuits (never underestimate the power of a well timed party ring:).

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