Welcoming Twin Boys

Thank you to Jody for sharing the inspiring birth of her twin boys. Here’s her story in her own words:


“I had twins in May last year, and was incredibly fortunate to have a natural birth with them.  I was induced at 37 weeks (I had gestational diabetes, pelvic girdle pain (I could barely move at this point), and was high risk for pre eclampsia).  I had been induced with my daughter in 2016 and hadn’t had a great experience so was relying heavily on hypnobirthing methods to keep me calm. 

I had the pessary at 10am and about 9pm I started feeling a bit crampy but nothing to tell the midwife about.  I was totally alone on the ward and it was during the heatwave, so had the benefit of all the fans.  

At 3:45am I felt what I can only describe as a pop, but nothing else happened.  I knew something was going on so got up and went to the loo.  I’d lost my plug but didn’t think anything else had happened.  After 10 minutes or so the cramps were stronger (still nothing to write home about, certainly no worse than period pains) and I asked the midwife to check me.  She checked the bed and said nothing had happened so I requested she check if the pessary was doing anything.  She did, despite repeatedly telling me nothing was happening.  As she checked me she said that I was more than 4cm and needed to go to delivery urgently and before I knew it several midwives were rushing me on the bed towards a delivery room.  

I thought it might be a good time to alert hubby as he needed to drop my daughter at his mums (who had no idea I’d been induced – the last time it took 4 days so we didn’t tell anyone I’d gone in).  I asked for an epidural, which had been agreed early on in the pregnancy and was in all my notes.   

Twin 2 was breech and had been throughout the pregnancy and there was a strong chance there may be difficulties in delivery so I wanted to minimise the chances of having to have a general anaesthetic in the case of a c-section.  Surges were full pelt now and there were several midwives there, reminding me of my breathing whilst also asking if I was sure I wanted the epidural.  I think I screamed yes at this point! However the midwives were aware I wanted the birth to be as “natural as possible” and I was administered the lowest dose, so I could still move my legs and had feeling.  

At some point mid-contraction my bleary eyed and confused hubby appeared and took my hand.  He wasn’t expecting labour to be in full flow- last time I’d had an epidural before the Syntocinon drip and it was a totally different experience, he’d never seen me have a surge and fully expected that I’d be lying on the bed numb from the waist down.  

At 7:11 twin 1 appeared – it felt easy and natural – and my husband proudly told me (in much shock) that he was a boy (we had expected either 2 girls or a boy and a girl – simply because we already had a girl) and he was handed to me.  Twin 2 was still breech at this stage, and the registrar and the midwives were trying to turn him.  31 minutes later it was apparent he didn’t want to move, and he was born breech, feet first.  

My husband announced he was another boy and my initial reaction was “we don’t have any boy names, what do you do with boys?!”.  After being rushed off to be checked over after the breech delivery he was passed to me and I finally had my 2 boys together.  

I used my hypnobirthing techniques throughout, and can honestly say it was so calm and relaxed – even when twin 2 had his body out and his head still in when my surge ended at no point did I lose my calm.  We were left alone soon after they were both delivered and the midwives ensured we had our golden hour and lots of skin to skin. 

Given my ideal birth is a home water birth, this was the opposite of what I’d wanted, but if I could go back I’d do it all again the same way in a heartbeat, it was so calm, and relaxed throughout the whole thing.  And nearly a year later I still have no idea what to do with 2 boys, but at least they now have names!

Jody x”

“Twin 1 was 11 minutes new in this pic and twin 2 was 20 minutes away from appearing earthside. What you can’t see is the registrar and 2 midwives trying to turn twin 2, I was still having surges but the whole thing was just so relaxed.  No idea what we were laughing about!”

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