All I want for Xmas is to know if this will be a waste of time if I need a C-section (hint- no)


Jade’s back today sharing how hypnobirthing helped her through a c-section…

Did you know medicalised birth can be empowering? It was everything I didn’t want, but thanks to Hypnobirthing I have no regrets about our daughters birth.

In England around 25% of babies were born via C-section in 2015, these stats have been slowly creeping up and many people assume that Hypnobirthing is not suitable for women who birth this way.

Many people look at me with a perplexed face when I explain that I hypnobirthed my C-section. What??? Did you not have any anaesthetic?? did they dim the lights and have candles twinkling in the theatre???

The answer is NO-  it was every bit as terrifying and a world apart from my initial wishes for a natural delivery as I could have imagined. But do you know what- thanks to the techniques my husband and I learnt, we were informed and I ultimately remained in control of my birth experience. I felt fiercely that I needed to do everything in my power to protect my unborn baby and in my experience without Hypnobirthing I would have potentially agreed to serious surgery with out being fully informed of why and the implications it could have for both of us.

So how did Hypnobirthing help???

1. It gave me a voice
I am not suggesting that your medical team will listen any less but my consultant sat bolt upright and listened to everything I had to say when they realised I was speaking from such an informed view point. From then on the birth plan was reciprocal, I was included and informed every step of the way

2. It kept me calm
For me as a first time mum a decision was made at 37 weeks to opt for a C section so from water birth to C-section was a huge mindset shift that needed to happen quickly. (Anneli was footling breach and I also had gestational diabetes)

The techniques kept me calm as I had to undergo the procedure, it kept me calm on the speedy journey to hospital and it kept me calm in the days and months after Anneli’s birth. To emphasise the importance of place on the word CALM I suffered with terrible anxiety, panic attacks the whole shebang. So for these techniques to have such a profound effect on my anxiety was pretty incredible

3. Jamie had a job

Don’t get me wrong he regrets standing up and peering over the blue screen but Hypnobirthing will make you a team. He wasn’t just helpless and dumbfounded, in fact he got to work whilst I was in recovery making sure I had a private room, calming music and home comforts the duration of my stay. He was aware of exactly how to support me and Anneli right from the word go.

4. It was the birth and not a surgical procedure
Because of the way we prepared for a last-minute switch to a C section I still very much feel like I was in control of my birth experience and remember it fondly for which I am so grateful.

I feel proud that even in such different circumstances than we had hoped for I was able to make the experience empowering and know that we did all that we could to stack the odds in our favour and I honestly do not have any regrets about Anneli’s ceasearean birth.


I’ve written about this before, as I hate the idea of women missing out on the benefits of hypnobirthing for this misconception. Click here to check out more about how it can help.

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