All I want for Christmas is a place on THE RETREAT (and a little treat)


DAY 24 of our share fest brings us here. We’ve been dishing out pregnancy tips and musings for 3.5 weeks and we hope you’ve picked up some useful snippets on the way. (Head back through the blog posts if you’ve missed the daily publish).

The Retreat is going to be the most incredible opportunity to nail your birth prep, and your babymoon in one gorgeous weekend. If you’ve somehow missed the details, find them by clicking here. 

We are signing off this campaign by wishing you a very Merry Christmas and gifting you a little something…

Retreat bookings made today and tomorrow (Christmas Eve and Christmas Day) will be treated to a £25 discount on their balance, because it’s Christmas.

So that’s a deposit of £150 to book, and a balance of £474, totalling £624 (vs Early Bird Rate £649). This is absolutely the best price you will get on this gorgeous experience at any point.

From New Years Day onwards the rate will rise to £799 per couple

To secure your space at that rate, please click here and scroll to the bottom of the post, where you’ll find the ‘Book Now’ button.

Any Qs at all, please hit me up at

We will be SO THRILLED to support you to a positive, confident birth.

All the love, Keri and Jade x

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