All I want for Christmas is to not feel sick


Seriously though, where is that pregnancy glow? If you’re feeling pale and/ or green, you have our sympathy. Especially at this time of year when, let’s face it, gluttony is all around us. About 4 out of 5 women experience nausea in pregnancy, and about half will actually be sick, and clearly neither scenario is much fun.

Whilst there’s no magic wand you can wave to resolve this issue, there are coping strategies you can use to ease your days as you look ahead to the 16 to week mark when most women’s problems will be over.

REST like a mother. Easier said than done, we know. Busy lives and demanding jobs are normal for most of us. But. Have a think on it- you are growing an entire HUMAN BEING, and the accompanying tiredness can make things worse.

DRINK like a mother. Yep, gin and wine are off the menu, but staying hydrated is a top priority for yours and your baby’s wellbeing, and can help to keep nausea under control. Sipping water little and often rather than downing pints at a time is best.

EAT like a mother. May seem counter intuitive, but eating little and often can make a positive difference to how you’re feeling. Lots of my clients keep biscuits by their beds so that they can line their tummies before getting up (digestives, ginger nuts, belvita breakfast biscuits come high on their recommendation list), or get your partner to bring you some toast. For many women, very plain, high carb foods are what work best, but listen to your own body.

BREATHE like a mother. Everything comes back to the breath- we are going to be going deeper on the breath later in this blog series, but for now, simply breathing deeply and slowly is a good start to help the waves of sickness pass, and it offers you another focus.

THINK like a mother. What are your triggers? Certain smells, tastes, settings, getting too hot- what sets you off and how can you avoid it? Put yourself first and know that your wellbeing is worth protecting. Also notice when you feel well- it’s easy to focus on how crappy it is when you’re feeling rough, but really pay attention to the brighter spells and enjoy them. Affirm to yourself- I’m improving every day. (More on the mix of affirmations later too).

TREAT YOURSELF like a mother. There are a host of alternative therapies that offer some comfort in this challenging phase. I found reflexology amazing, it seemed to help balance my hormones a bit and the effects lasted a few days. Acupuncture is another favourite amongst my clients, and hypnotherapy could help too.

If you have severe sickness and struggle to keep anything down, if you cannot stay hydrated or are concerned in any way, please speak to your midwife about your specific situation.

Remember to pop back to The Retreat event page daily for more tips to support you in a positive pregnancy- we’ve got so much more to share with you and will be digging deep into our expertise as the days go by.

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Keri and Jade x

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