All I want for Christmas is to know what the midwives make of all this…


It comes up a lot- will the midwives think I’m off my rocker if I say I’m doing xyz you’ve suggested?!

As in any job, there is a spectrum of attitudes towards ‘new’ approaches (although I would argue that hypnobirthing is really as old as it gets- it’s about stripping back all the relatively new stuff we’ve layered in). But the response is generally very positive. Because it makes complete sense.

Imagine my delight when a midwife came and took my course in her own pregnancy last year. You can read about the birth of her daughter, in her own words, here…

Welcoming Freya- when a midwife hypnobirths– thanks again Chloe for your amazing words

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Any Qs- #doitlikeamother #theretreat2017

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