All I Want For Christmas is to know what the heck the 3rd stage is…


That’s right- 3 stages of labour. Totally made up of course, our bodies don’t know about them. But we label them as 1- dilation, 2- baby coming out, 3- the placenta.

Many women have a look of surprise and mild nausea cross their faces when they realise that at some point, their baby will be out, and the cord will be travelling back through their vagina to the placenta, still firmly inside.

Earlier this year I was really disappointed that my clients were telling me that their midwives were firmly steering them towards intervention, and dismissive of their desire to complete the process naturally. My own midwife told me that over 90% of 3rd stages in our local hospital are managed.

Click here for my original post on this, which is full of info from reputable sources to help you in your decision making.

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