All I want for Christmas is a good pregnancy book

Pregnant women spend a whole lot of time on Google. We crave information that will guide us through this mysterious experience. This is understandable, but can lead us into dangerous territory.

Satisfy your thirst for knowledge, but keep it safe and inspiring with these titles…

Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth, Ina May Gaskin

Totally inspiring- a whole new perspective of birth from a woman with unmatched experience. Ina May is a legend, and many of my fave birth snippets come from her. She tells us, “Let your monkey do it”, a reminder that birth is a mammalian process, that your intelligence can’t help you with in the moment. O course it does its work in the planning phase

The Calm Birth School, by Suzy Ashworth

Suzy nails everything that is great about hypnobirthing in this super accessible read. It has none of the crazy promises or patronising statements I’ve read in other ‘how to hypnobirth’ style books. Hypnobirthing for straight shooting women, ready to take responsibility for themselves and their babies. (If you’re booking your spot on The Retreat, or one of my courses, your copy is on me).

Why Hypnobirthing Matters, by Katrina Berry

If hypnobirthing is a whole new world to you, it can be alien and overwhelming with so many brands and such a spectrum of experiences shared. Katrina cuts through the chaos and explains the whole thing brilliantly, and her experience in supporting real women shines through too.

And one for your fella-
Men, Love and Birth, by Mark Harris

By a man, for men, in their own language. We are different, there’s no getting away from it. Mark supports to men to understand their partner’s perspective, needs and feelings and nudges them behaviours that make you feel like they just get it. He’s a midwife (yep), father and grandfather- he’s seen it all unfold many times over and we can all benefit from what he’s learned over the years.


So there you go- 3 for you, 1 for him (just like the biscuits in an evening, right? You’re growing a human, you definitely deserve them).

Remember that these daily shares are just the tip of the iceberg of what we’ve got for you/ Grab your spot on The retreat at the early bird rate until the end of 2016 and nail your birth prep in one gorgeous weekend by the sea.

Any Qs, just ask.

All the love, Keri and Jade xx

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