All I want for Christmas is to ease the Pelvic Girdle Pain


This one’s from my soulsister, THE Soulsister, Jade West:

Probably the most common reason pregnant women get referred my way. Pelvic girdle pain reportedly occurs to some degree for 1 in 5.

Good news is that Pilates can help…….. & not just help it can seriously kick pelvic girdle pain in the butt!!!!!!

Just recently I have supported a super mum who has done just that. With chiropractic treatment to realign, she sailed right through her pregnancy – feeling better at 39 weeks than she did early on ??????

Things to remember:

To some degree it is completely normal for the ligaments to loosen as your body prepares for labour

Exercises that strengthen the surrounding muscles of the pelvis (……….pregnancy Pilates) will stabilise the pelvis as the relaxin gets to work

Support belts and bands are useful if you are walking or standing for a long time, but try not to rely on them too heavily (plus they generally aren’t very comfortable)

Check that you are sleeping in good alignment, pillow between knees.

You can self refer to women’s health physio and they can help you to manage the symptoms

You can find many specialised osteopaths, chiropractors, reflexologists, acupuncturists who can also assist you

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