All I want for Christmas is to Ease Those Leg Cramps


Who would have thought that overnight leg cramps would be part of this experience? About a third of women will experience this, often in the last trimester, but sometimes in the earlier weeks too.

You can’t completely eliminate their recurrence, but there are a few things our clients have found helpful that you could try:

1. Stay hydrated

2. Avoid sitting with your legs crossed

3. Stretch your calves before bed

4. Epsom salt baths

5. Magnesium spray on the soles of your feet and your calves before bed/ if you wake in the night

6. Adjust Sleeping position – knee under pillows to maintain hip alignment or pillow between the knees

7. Bananas to increase your potassium levels (old wives tale but why not?!)

8. Reflexology or pregnancy massage to ease tense muscles

Wishing you a peaceful night of sleep. More on sleep coming up later in the series. We are all about you getting your rest, (you deserve it- you are growing a person) and on the The Retreat we’ll be teaching how to achieve deliciously deep relaxation on demand.

As always, if you’re concerned, talk to your midwife.

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