All I want for Christmas is….Due


One from Jade today…

Due dates have become common law in office sweep stakes and are often the opening line of complete strangers you pass in the street “oh, when are you due????”

U.K. Stats show 4% of babes arrive on their due date and for first time mums a higher percentage arrive at 41 weeks +1 day.

Yet from the moment that double line appears on the pregnancy test we cannot resist working out our due date and the medical world aren’t far behind with their eagerness to book you for induction should you go ‘too far’ over this elusive date.

Due dates seem to be viewed as a deadline or eviction notice and when that days comes and goes the phone rings off the hook with everyone you’ve ever encountered wondering if baby has arrived, the midwives start talking sweeps and pessaries and it’s tempting to descend into the panic of – get the baby out ??

Some of the mums I work with attend Keri’s courses and weekly relaxation group and the language and way they approach their ESTIMATED due date positively rubs off on all of the class participants. Lots of mums come bouncing in (literally on their birth balls) at 40 weeks plus armoured with sound advice that keep them positive and in control, especially when the pressure of induction is looming.
The estimated due date is a really powerful calm birth school topic & I have seen Keri deliver this many times and the saying ‘knowledge is power’ really couldn’t be more true.

So remember if you and your bump are soon to become the focus of an office sweep stake, you may want to hedge you bets 8 days later – or take the do it like a mother advice and have a due month.

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