UPGRADE for us and for you…

When we moved into our first home, I was excited. It was a dream held for many years coming to glorious.life. BUT. Whilst it was an amazing first foray into this stuff, it wasn’t quite good enough. Once the initial excitement died down, I became all too aware of the elements I wasn’t happy with.

And as you might know, I don’t settle. It was time for an upgrade. Somewhere I could confidently say is JUST PERFECT. And the universe has fricking delivered.

My vision is that this space becomes a haven, bursting at the seams with our core values- honesty, empowerment, community. A place where only brilliant things go on, for mothers, and others. We are not meant to mother alone, we are not meant to live such lone lives.

As we emulsion the walls, I can already feel the connections in the air. The pennies dropping in the minds of pregnant women when they realise they can have something better. The “me too”s from the new mothers who wonder if they’re doing it wrong, and are so relieved to hear it’s not just them. The filling of cups, the growth in capacity, the power of cohesion.

Sorry to get totes emosh but I am telling you, MAGIC is gonna happen within those walls.

You can keep up with progress and find out about what’s on offer there via the instagram account Do It Like A Mother HQ. It’s on the London Road, opposite North West corner of Chalkwell Park.

If you’d like to work with us, drop me an email keri@doitlikeamother.co.uk



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