Thursday Thriver: Gemma Bennett


Each week, we will introduce you to one of the amazing women who has been through our signature course, Thrive Like A Mother. This week, it’s Gemma Bennett of Hidden Gem Holistic Health and Happiness, and Soulful Hearts.

I’m a Counseller, Reiki Master and holistic therapist. My business in this regard is quite well established and I’m busy with clients. I have in the last 2 years launched wellness events and workshops with a therapist friend and am in the process of writing a self help book. I wanted more know how on marketing and boosting the wellness events and the same with my book when it’s ready.

I love what Keri is about and thrive looked great but I wasn’t initially convinced it was for me. I was busy in my therapy work. Arguably too busy in my life for more stuff to do and my wellness events and writing was ticking over and getting there.. I was fine…… but maybe that was just it! I thought. I’m not ‘thriving I’m ‘Just fining’. I’m managing. I am playing small.

Thrive scared me and excited me. I took this as a nudge….do it! Do it because you’re making so many excuses, do it because there’s more in you and you know it. So with one hand over my eyes I said yes to thriving!!! Boy am I glad I did. The course really opened my eyes to a few things. My purpose, my fears, my behaviours. It taught me new ideas and concepts and allowed me to re remember things I already knew about myself but perhaps needed to look at in another way. The content is inspired and informative . The group collaborative is powerful. We were learning from Keri and learning from each other.

I loved how raw and real Keri is consistently. Her own ability to put herself put there inspires me greatly. I feel more and more courageous the more I show up and come forward. Just like Keri demonstrates. My work and book are benefiting from this new embracing of vulnerability. The momentum and clarity has opened up further corporate opportunities for the wellness events and I’ve created space to write and finish the book. I’m accountable and I’m on a roll. Recognising the blocks and fears I had and putting them into the light made way for me to step into my purpose.

THRIVE is a game changer. The course forces you to reflect and face areas of yourself, your life and your work, that you otherwise may not have done. The reflections bring an amazing awareness and it’s awareness that holds the key to any positive change. There’s many and varied realisations to have along the way.

Keri as a coach is phenomenal. She’s engaged, personal and hugely insightful. The value you get with her input is immense. Also as a group you find you learn so much from each other and each others revelations. For me the course has ended but the work is ongoing, thankfully the content and network are there for me to reach to whenever I want.

It’s time to fully implement the content within my work. I have all the tools at my fingertips. I’ve learnt so much from thrive and I’m so pleased I did it. I didn’t think I had time, but that’s part of the problem I guess. I figured no one thinks they have time but until you make time you never will. Powered up and ready to thrive. Thank you Keri Jarvis.

You can find Gemma here on insta @GemmaBennett  and on Facebook hidden gem holistic health and happiness And Soulful Hearts modern day wellbeing.

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