A 12 week experience during which you will connect to your purpose, claim your power and call in plenty of that which you desire. 

(Woo + neuroscience + feminism + arse kicking = major shifts). Fancy that?

Motherhood changes EVERYTHING, our perspective on the world, and our place within it. We feel more deeply than ever before. In many ways, we are at our most inspired, bubbling with creativity and potential, an increasing awareness that in our own particular way, we can make the world a better place for ourselves and our kids. And sometimes it’s like WOAH I really could be onto something…

At the same time we may also feel stifled.

We don’t have enough time to do everything well. We don’t have enough support. We don’t have enough money. Shouldn’t all our focus be on our kids? Is it even realistic to do anything more?

And if not, what will people think? And if we ARE successful, what will people think?

And HOW exactly are other people doing it? How are some of them making it look SO EASY?? 

They’re on their social media regularly sharing great content, their products and services are selling, and they seem, well, HAPPY.

It seems to be a total fricking mystery at times.

‘I’ll be happy when life is like that’, you tell yourself. When I’m working for myself, and my business is financially viable. When I have more childcare. When my partner acknowledges all that I do. When my kids are older. When I have more qualifications. When my friends take me seriously. When my house is organised. When… when?

Here’s an enormous slap in your gorgeous face. I lived this life for YEARS. I forgot something really, really important. Life is NOW. Nothing is guaranteed in the future.

And if you go around, as I did, blaming everyone else you can think of for your circumstances, you will remain in your circumstances, or some version of them, forever.


For a moment, I dare you to imagine a time when you bump into someone, and they ask, “how are things?”. And whats on the tip of your tongue is not “yeah, alright, just really busy, I’m so tired but aren’t we all, it’s really full on fitting everything in, me and my partner never get 5 minutes together, it’s never ending…” etc etc.

And instead, your answer comes out authentically as, “great thanks, my work is going well and so fulfilling, my partner is really proud of me, the kids are at a fantastic age for so many reasons and I’m really enjoying them, there’s a lot happening and it’s all exciting stuff”.

That ain’t gonna happen by accident. You decide. Survive or thrive…

The 12 week Thrive Like A Mother experience is not a course or qualification to hide inside of. There will be absolutely no hiding. It’s an invitation to shift your perspective about what is possible for you in your life, and in your biz, and if you accept it, things will never look the same again.

12 weeks of learning new approaches to life, letting go of the conditioned bullshit, and leaning into what you want.

I’ll be there to support and guide you throughout, as will your peers, and without a doubt this is a HUGE part of the experience. If you took part in the challenge, or simply watched it from afar, you can’t have failed to notice the somewhat magical power of those connections. Those nodding heads. Empathetic ears. Open hearts.

As those women step out of the constraints of their current stories, how will it feel to be amongst them? This is what the last group had to say…

So what will we cover…

(Week 0 is week commencing Sunday 9th September)

Week 0: Pre-Work, and this is all about identifying your values. You may think you’ve got that covered, but all is probably not what it seems. Understanding your values, and using them as a compass is a great starting point for moving in the direction of your desires.


Week 1: How to live on purpose- finding it, speaking it, owning it

Week 2: How to leverage your purpose to overcome your fear

Week 3: How to ensure that living your purpose is absolutely possible, inevitable even

Week 4: Reflections and implementation


Week 1: How to overcome patriarchal norms (yep) to play bigger with ease

Week 2: How to embrace the power of compassion & connection to beat comparison

Week 3: How to use the power of intention to overcome procrastination

Week 4: Reflections and implementation


Week 1: How to access more money money money

Week 2: How to leverage gratitude to create abundance in your life

Week 3: How to remain in abundance mindset when your resources are threatened

Week 4: Reflections and implementation

BONUS: Manifestation Masterclass:

This is a 90 mins session that lays out exactly how to manifest the changes you want to see in your life. I’ll be sharing my personal experiences of manifestations big and small, times when it didn’t work and why, letting you in on everything I’ve learnt whilst studying this stuff and putting it into practice over the past few years.

On what planet can it be possible to learn all this life shifting stuff in 3 months?

This one. I have been devouring content for the last 3 years, testing it out in real motherhood life, and distilling the best bits to keep. I’ve spent thousands of pounds and hundreds of hours to change my life, and I am so excited to share this with you here, because I KNOW it will accelerate your adventure like yaaaaassssssss.

How is the content delivered? 

The first 3 weeks of each pillar will include a livestream teaching and preaching on the topic listed, and will usually be on a Monday.

The 4th week is in place as a result of feedback from the last round- life happens, and a bit of catch up time here and there will allow everyone to stay together. (Plus it means you get an extra 2 weeks of my eyes on you and my voice in your ear- hopefully it will stay in your head for a lot longer).

Each and every week, there will be a live, scheduled Q&A in the private Facebook group. You’ll be able to submit your Qs in advance, and it will remain available on playback. This will usually be on a Wednesday or a Friday.

Throughout, you’ll be able to use the group for peer support, and I’ll be there checking in each day (Mon-Fri) re what guidance you need.

What’s the investment?


Next time I run this at the start of 2019, my plan is for each of the pillars (Purpose, Power & Plenty) to be sold separately as short courses at £249 each, making their total value £747.

This time, for my final round of 2018, you can have all 3 Pillars for £597, 

(These prices include the Masterclass will be sold separately, full price of £79).

You’re not just buying the experience- you’re securing the lasting impact. I hope during the challenge you managed to hear from the gals who Thrived Like A Mother in round 1 about the enduring shifts they’ve enjoyed.

Plus the content will be uploaded to Teachable afterwards for you to keep FOREVER and revisit (and I recommend that you do). This stuff will serve you at any time of ambiguity or transition.

Invest the £597 now here.

Don’t have £597 accessible right now? Final Day Super Extended Payment Plan here…

Deposit of £57 plus 10 monthly payments of £54.

Invest the initial £57 here.

You might think it’s gonna feel uncomfortable paying for something long after the initial experience of it is done with. (Don’t we do that with lots of other stuff though?!). But this experience will remain with you. Each time I’ve invested in myself in this way, a theme has emerged for me- one that has stayed with me and shaped all my future choices. The learning has been integrated into who I am, and the value has shown itself over and over and over.

Let’s be serious, this is no magic wand. I’ve challenged myself, again, and again, to learn and grow and change, to create a life and a business that honestly feel like THRIVING. It’s not been easy for me, nor was it easy for the women who invested in themselves last time.

It’s MUCH easier to stay where you are. To stay in meh. In mediocrity that has been so normalised, we’ve forgotten what life is about. This is a crossroads, you have a choice. Which way are you going? How are you gonna finish up 2018?


My initial plan was that these bonuses would be available only to those who signed up on a particular day. With such a huge influx of women on board within the first 48 hours, I don’t want any of this wisdom going to waste, so the following THREE ADDITIONAL BONUSES will be gifted to EVERYONE who signs up to Thrive, including on this extended plan.

This is content mania by the way, the value is off the charts and I partly think I’m cracking up, but I feel called to distribute this brilliant stuff widely…

ADDITIONAL BONUS 1: How to grow yourself and your business and keep your relationship with Ashley Parker, Relationship Therapist and Owner of Light This Mother Up.

1. How becoming parents changes our sense of self and common issues it creates for the relationship. Some normalising of what happens and why.
2. Some stuff around how we can improve those things – no matter how far in to parenthood you are. This means that you can make sense of what has gone before, but also be prepared for what is to come or improve what’s happening now.
3. Why change can be so unsettling – whether that’s related to parenthood or embarking on a new venture and how to overcome those barriers in the relationship to encourage growth together as opposed to feeling like you’re flying solo.
ADDITIONAL BONUS 2: CREATIVE MARKETING CONTENT FOR YOUR BUSINESS WITH CAMILLA BEVINGTON Self employed marketing consultant, former Head of Marketing at Hello! Magazine (this woman has serious credentials and experience), and editor of lifestyle blog flamingomonroe.com.


I’m a VIP- I want more…

I have capacity to take 5 women as VIP Thrivers.

What’s the crack?

All of the above, PLUS

-a welcome questionnaire to help me get to know you, your biz, your goals and blocks

-an initial 4 hour strategy session to get to grips with what you’re going to commit to

-weekly 60 minute private coaching call with me, and unlimited messenger access.

This is some serious Keri in your life, and so it’s a serious investment of £1797 for the 12 weeks. Payment plans are available.

What can I expect as a VIP?

You can expect to move ahead QUICKLY. You can expect to be releasing stuff that has been holding you back, both emotionally and practically, and to be giving yourself permission to go LARGE.

The Thrive content will remain oh so valuable, and with that accountability to take inspired action layered on thick, you’re going to fly forwards.

This option is not for the fainthearted- it’s best suited to women who are just sick and tired of smothering their own brilliance, and are ready to embrace next level progress in their lives and their businesses NOW.

If you think this might be for you, drop me a PM on messenger, or an email if you prefer, to book a call with me pronto, so we can decide if we are the right fit right now. No weird pressure- I only wanna do this with you if you really wanna do this with me. (I already have a couple of calls booked, so if you’re really interested, act now).


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