The Top 5 Blog Posts of the Last Year


So I am pretty PUMPED to be nominated for 3 categories in the Essex Mums Awards 2018. Best Support Group, Best Blog, and Special Contribution to the Local Community.

I swear- it’s not just a vanity measure. Raising our profile means we can reach more families with support, education and empowerment. You can vote for us by clicking here. It is super quick and easy, please remember to hit all three categories and you will feel my gratitude radiating hard from wherever I am.

I thought it’d interesting to check out which of our blog posts have made the biggest impact this year, and share the cream of the crop with you.

So here are the top 5…


When Your Friends Call Bullshit on Your Birth Prep, Show Them This

Viewed 246 times. I went to town on how the style of hypnobirthing we teach works, and why your friends and family needn’t worry. It’s still great (I know I wrote it, but I just re-read it, and it really is…), show it to the doubters and ease their minds, and your life. You don’t need to be fielding their Qs and comments.


Birth Of An Absolute Mother   

Viewed 349 times, this is the birth story of a woman whose transformation through education and support was UNBELIEVABLE, even to me 5 years into my hypnobirthing adventure.


The Fucking Judgement That is Slowly Chipping Away At Us- Just Stop It.

390 views of this. I may have said a thing or 2, with forgiveness and compassion (honestly…) about the impact of mum vs mum culture. (Which ps is totally preened by the patriarchy, bu that’s another tale…)


The One Thing Everyone Puts on Their Birth Plan That They Really Shouldn’t 

669 views of Midwife Chloe’s slice of truth- the woman is SO RIGHT. Is this on your birth plan?

And our NUMBER ONE post…

Let’s All Wear The Same Sized Bra  

This one was viewed 795 times and is my personal favourite too, because it was inspired by one of my gorgeous and wise clients at Pregnancy Relaxation Group.

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