Real Nappy Week – fortnight? What’s it all about?


So I’m a day late to the party after being away with family over Easter weekend, but fortunately for me Real Nappy Week seems to have become Real Nappy Fortnight this year giving me a slight grace period – different brands and businesses are running support for reusable nappies across two different weeks – maybe Easter was problematic for some? Whatever the reason its incredible that we have a bigger platform than previously to shout from the rooftops that cloth can easily become our baseline for nappies when we have a baby. There will be loads of information shared, competitions and giveaways, discounts and photos of lovely cloth nappies in action shared between now and the end of next week! (I’ll pop some useful links to check out at the end of this blog)

2018 was the year I took over Southend Cloth Nappy Library – I have seen huge interest in using washable nappies compared to when I first started in 2015… back then it was still seen as very hippy, something ‘normal’ families didn’t do – they just didn’t have the time or need the benefits. But now we are more aware than ever thanks to people like Sir David Attenborough and Greta  Thunberg speaking up, of the damage we are doing to our planet with the production and dumping of single use products – and lets face it, nappies are the ultimate single use item! More families are aware of the huge impact that having a baby can bring and it is becoming really normal to see cloth nappies being used by families of all ages and from all walks of life. There are lots of ways of raising a family in a more eco conscious way for example:

  • Buying preloved clothes / baby items
  • Starting a toy / clothes share group with friends
  • Using cloth nappies
  • Breastfeeding 
  • Choosing natural materials where possible
  • Using reusable wipes / muslins for keeping baby clean
  • Keeping clothes, nappies and toys to reuse with any further babies
  • Involving the kids in growing their own produce, and more

Not all of them will suit every family, but they are definitely options for most of us and I think they need to be considered as more than the short term pros/cons to us – we are leaving this planet behind for these very babies after all!

Using cloth nappies is probably one of the biggest changes you can make during the first year, when you know that you are likely to need 3000 – yes that’s not a typo, THREE THOUSAND nappies in the first year alone, per baby, you can start to see how washing and reusing nappies even part time would make a significant impact on reducing the waste created. I know it can seem daunting at first, and when you mention it to your mum or your gran they’re likely to look at you like you’ve grown an extra head whilst saying something like ‘disposables freed women from the arduous task of scrubbing nappies – why would you make the choice to step back in time?’. If they do – they’re wrong. you are taking the steps forward that our children and planet need! On top of that, its 2019 – my other half knows how to work my washing machine better than I do! And its the machine that does all of the hard work now not the parents.

There are cloth nappy brands, styles, materials and colours to suit every child, budget, style and wash routine, and Cloth Nappy Libraries spread across the country looking to help families get started. Locally, I run monthly workshop’s at Do It Like A Mother HQ, Talya offers demos in Hockley / Rayleigh (you can find her here) but you can find your closest library wherever you live by heading here

Here’s a few suggestions for places to check out during RNW2019:

Cloth Nappy Like A Mother

Go Real

UK Nappy Network

The Nappy Lady

Babi Pur

There are loads of great Instagram accounts too – try hashtags like #realnappyweek #RNW2019 #makeclothmainstream to search for them. Keep an eye on my stories where I’ll be spamming as much cloth nappy info, pages, posts and more for the duration!

As ever I love your feedback and questions, so if you have any get in touch!



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