Mindfulness Meditation Taster Session


Ever wondered if mindfulness was ‘for you’ – well – spoiler alert – it totally is and you should join me to find out why and how.

There are so so so many misconceptions floating about around ‘what is/isn’t’ mindfulness meditation, in our 1 and a half-hour session we’ll cover some of them, looking at how they could have been the thing getting in the way of you feeling less stressed and having access to a greater sense of calm.

That said this class is readily suited to those who are new to meditation or those who already have an established practice but appreciate being with others.

The tools learnt or revised in our time together aim to leave you feeling refreshed and to build resilience, allowing you to be ‘present’ with whatever life has in store. And there’s probs no better time than in the lead up to Xmas to learn all this :).

Spaces are limited & if you sign up to the course then i’ll deduct the cost of the course too – woop.

Next available date is:

Tuesday Jan 21st

Tuesday Jan 28th

7:30 -9pm

Any questions – just shout




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