Pregnancy Relaxation & Birth Prep


This 6-week block of Pregnancy Relaxation & Birth Prep classes focuses on connecting you and your baby as well as practicing hypnobirthing techniques for a confident birth.

Discover the calmness within and prepare for a magical birthing experience with our weekly Birth Prep and Pregnancy Relaxation Class. Join Kelly as she guides you on a transformative journey, empowering you with hypnobirthing and relaxation techniques and the knowledge to approach labour with confidence and calmness.

Soothing relaxations, breathing exercises, and visualisation practices, all designed to connect with your baby will unleash your inner strength, uplift and inspire you.

Step into each week of birth prep & relaxation knowing that you’re taking the essential steps towards a beautiful and empowering birth. Let us be your trusted companions on this incredible journey, helping you embrace the joy of pregnancy and prepare for your best birth, unlocking the pathway to the birthing experience that you and your baby deserve.


With Kelly Woodyatt: Mondays at 8.35pm-9.20pm

This class runs in 6-week blocks, however, you can continue to attend as long as you would like to.  Pick the date you’d like to start your 6-week block to book the series of sessions.

Unfortunately, this class is on hold for the moment.

If you can’t find a date to start when scrolling through the calendar please join the wait list for a space to become available or email

Please note – this class doesn’t run on bank holidays – the 6-week blocks take these dates into account


TO BOOK – scroll through the calendar to find a green date which is the start of the course.  Select the date and the time under the calendar, tick the relevant boxes and select BOOK NOW.  This is now in your cart for you to check out.


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