Mum & Baby Postnatal Pilates

From: £55.00

This Postnatal Pilates course provides new mums with a toolkit of various tips to aid them in everyday tasks such as protecting your back when picking baby up.


Suited to those that are new to Pilates and those with more experience.


With Karen Stalley-Turner: Wednesdays, 9.30am-10.25am.

(Karen is covering for Kelly while she is on maternity leave)


Each week, there is a different focus point which is relevant to the postnatal body and how to improve things like posture, the pelvic floor etc.  (remember, knowledge is power!) and the idea is that you don’t just come along to Pilates once a week and then leave it there until the next week. Everything we do in the class links to things we can do every day to help continue to progress and to help our body heal.   Bring your baby too!


This is a six-week course aside from the January course which is 5 weeks. However, you can join from the second or third class and still gain benefits. Only pick the first date of the course to book the six, five or four series of sessions where available.

TO BOOK – scroll through the calendar to find a green date which is the start of the course.  Select the date and the time under the calendar, tick the relevant boxes and select BOOK NOW.  This is now in your cart for you to check out.



Due to the changing nature of the guidelines regarding COVID-19, if for any reason we’re unable to run the class in-person, once you’ve made a booking for an in-person class, your booking will be moved to the online version or postponed to the next available in-person class.  The option for a refund will be available in extenuating circumstances and upon request. 


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