Pregnancy Mindset Moments


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Do you even realise how habitual your thinking is? How automatic? Do you notice how your thinking makes you feel?

If you’d love to feel a whole lot BETTER ABOUT BIRTH, braver, stronger, calmer, confident, then these Mindset Moments are for you.

Affirmations are no woo woo nonsense. Evidence shows that you can form new neurological pathways in your brain by changing your thinking patterns.

When you think differently, you see yourself and your situation differently- I invite you to feel fricking fantastic about pregnancy and birth.

Say them like you mean them. In you mind, out loud, in the mirror, to your partner and friends- make them part of your dialogue. Have one brought to you in bed with a brew each morning. Pop them around your house. Whatever works for you.

These are my specially selected favourites that I use with my hypnobirthing clients to get their heads in the game. It’s an empowered place to be.



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