MIND CRAFT, Mindfulness After School Club for 5-7 year olds


The mindfulness after-school club for 5-7 year olds.

This 7-week club will take your child on an exciting journey through their mind/body, emotions and how to process them.

Combining mindful creative play, imaginative guided story meditations and explorative mindful movement. The aim is for your child to leave with a series of tools to help them work through their emotional life and to ultimately have fun doing it.

With Natalie Cahillane:  Tuesdays after school  3.30/45 pm – 4:30pm.

Starting November 2nd running to December 14th

Book the first date of the club to book your child on the full 7 weeks.

If you feel your child would be better suited to another age group session – please book the preferred session and add a note wherever possible in the booking form


Due to the changing nature of the guidelines regarding COVID-19, if for any reason we’re unable to run the class in-person, once you’ve made a booking for an in-person class, your booking will be moved to the online version or postponed to the next available in-person class.  The option for a refund will be available in extenuating circumstances and upon request. 


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