How to set up a mindfulness meditation practice at home


Always wanted to meditate but felt uncomfortable, not know if you’ve needed any special cushions or whatnot – or just found it all a bit too floaty for you.
Well if so, this is for you, in this 45-minute session we will cover all of the basics needed to feel confident and comfortable taking time to sit with your mind. And we’ll end with a 15-minute meditation that you can practice easily through the week to help bring a greater sense of calm in these very odd times.

You will be sent a private link to join the live session on Saturday or can purchase and watch at your convenience after saturday the 25th.




This will be a 45-minute session that you can join live on Saturday or download at your own convenience after. Within it, we will be doing a 15-minute ‘mindfulness of breathing’ meditation and covering lots of tips to help you set up a successful habit for mindfulness at home. By the end of the session you will have all of the basics needed to meditate at home, with confidence.

We’ll cover the common misconceptions within mindfulness, and what the practice is actually really about, while also spending time on ‘how to set up our practice, looking at the best way to sit, to work with noise and distraction and with our body. We’ll end with a mindfulness of breathing expertise that is easy to remember and that I can


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