Baby Massage @HQ

From: £12.00

Please note: these classes are online to comply with National lockdown restrictions.

Classes are suitable for babies from 6 weeks old (provided they have had their 6 week HV check & have no headlag) up to 2 years. Although Developmental Baby Massage can benefit babies up to the standing/walking stage, it’s best to note that classes are best suited to babies who are not crawling yet.

With Chloe Westmore: Tuesday mornings 10-11.30am

Booking essential by 9am on the day of the session

You can also choose to buy a six or ten session block for a discounted rate.

Due to the changing nature of the guidelines regarding COVID-19, if for any reason we’re unable to run the class in-person, once you’ve made a booking for an in-person class, your booking will be moved to the online version or postponed to the next available in-person class.  The option for a refund will be available in extenuating circumstances and upon request. 


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With Chloe Westmore: Learn Developmental Baby Massage
Bring your baby along to learn this soft routine which teaches you different strokes, touches & techniques to relax them and develop their muscle strength & joint flexibility.
•Gives you the opportunity to enjoy some much needed YOU time where the focus is on relaxation and meditation to begin with, before you get the chance to spend some ‘here & now’ fun time together with your baby
•Enjoy valuable one to one therapeutic play-time together.
•Check your babies muscle tone.
•Check upon the flexibility of the major joints before they strengthen.
•Provides a firm foundation for sitting & standing.
•Ensures a balanced body a wide range set of flexible coordinate movement & encourages good upright posture.
•To assess & assist in your babies development & encourage head, neck & back strength.
•To determine ‘touch reception’ & detect any area of the baby’s body that is touch resistant, painful, stiff or uncomfortable.
•Encourages more supervised enjoyable awake tummy time.
•Improves circulation, digestion, disposition, sleep & breathing volume.
• Beneficial for babies with disabilities & developmental delay.
• Babies with tight limbs & restricted mobility  (such as cerebral palsy) can be taught how to stretch & relax the muscles to help improve their mobility.
•Babies with floppy limbs (such as with down syndrome) can benefit from massage over time to build muscle tone & strength.
•Learn therapeutic touch techniques that can soothe common childhood complaints, comfort a fractious child, help to combat various types of congestion & enable parents to ease physical problems.
•Learn TIGER IN THE TREE-  the godfather of all moves to ease a fractious, uncomfortable, anxious baby.
•Learn about the different oils you can use on your baby. Light sunflower oil is always provided but must be patch tested.
•Learn relaxation and meditation techniques to calm & relax you.
•Encourage mummy-tummy time which has huge benefits for you. (Cesarean scars must be healed)
•Help to draw in tummy & contract uterus.
•Restore abdominal breathing & a ‘stress free’ breathing rhythm.
•Strengthen your back & spine.
•Encourages a happier disposition & improve posture.
•Relieve pain & discomfort.
•Connect, offload & share with other mummies and daddies over tea & cake.
•Continued support & access to my Facebook support group.

Partners are always welcome along to any classes.