What are you prepared to give up? (LENT VIBES…)


So this morning was rough. Really crappy. I’ve been up 8 times in the night with the baby- standard. We were up for the day at 5- waaaahhh. When we came down, I hoped to plonk him in front of baby TV and down 3 coffees in a row. THE TV WOULDN’T WORK.

Just about got baby back off to sleep in sling around 6.45 when big bro got up, hysterical that he had missed saying Bye to Daddy. HYSTERICAL.

Many more minor issues came and went before we made it to preschool drop off.

So I was all, “what fresh hell is this?!”, what a fricking horrendous day, yah yah yah…

Getting myself all set up for a continuing day of WAAAAAHHHHH why me?!?!

Then someone mentioned it being the first day of lent, and asked what people were giving up, and I saw an opportunity.

As a child, attending a Catholic school, I used to give up chocolate for Lent. My Grandad gives up sugar in his tea every year. I’ve been known to pledge to give up drinking in my younger years.

But I had a striking realisation that the thoughts I’m putting into my mind are doing me way more harm than the buckets of sugar, caffeine and alcohol that make their way through my body daily.

I’m always telling my clients to choose their thoughts around birth carefully- that our mindset shapes our behaviour, and our experiences. Habitual positive thinking is shown to alter neural pathways in our brains, leaving us more predisposed to positivity in future. It’s a free gift to our future selves.

So for Lent, I’m giving up the negative thoughts, the doom and gloom, the spiralling catastrophic thinking.

I’m getting back on track with my favourite affirmation, “things are always working out for me”. I’m getting back to routine with my yesmum cards. I’m going to actually read and take heed of the sign on my living room wall that tells me to “look for the good”.

This afternoon I actually felt better about things. I mean hardly on top of the world, but in control, competent, calm (ish).

Who’s with me? Give it a go and see how you feel #thinklikeamother


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