newborn care workshop

This three hour workshop takes place in the comfort of your own home.

We cover everything you need to know to feel confident in looking after your newborn baby, including: 

  • Feeding your baby (breastfeeding, bottle feeding, expressing, alternative options and more)
  • Bathing and skin care
  • Nappies (disposable and cloth)
  • Safe, settled sleeping
  • Caring for yourself as a new parent
  • Comforting your baby

Steph brings her knowledge from years of working as a nanny and covers Southend and the surrounding areas.

Chloe guides you through based on her 6 years of midwifery practise and covers Upminster and surrounding areas.

Investment £90 (payable on booking)


If the idea of using a sling or wrap to carry your baby sounds appealing to you, why not check out Lizzie at our Sling Library?
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