private hypnobirthing refresher course

In Southend and surrounding areas with Steph.

In Upminster and surrounding areas with Chloë.

This three hour course is perfect for anyone that has already completed a hypnobirthing course in a previous pregnancy and needs a top-up.

We will come to you spend time talking about your previous birth experience and re-capping all of the hypnobirthing techniques, all in the comfort of your own home.

It doesn’t matter what brand of hypnobirthing you have done in the past, we can support you in this pregnancy.

We don’t supply any materials (I.E. a hypnobirthing book, relaxation recordings or affirmation cards) because you will likely already have these from your previous course. However if you would like to purchase any you can buy them here.

Particularly suitable for people with extremely busy schedules, or those looking for a course which can be tailored to their individual needs etc.

Courses can take place any time but often clients prefer evenings and weekends around existing work/life commitments – please contact before booking to make arrangements for a specific date and time before booking.

Investment £90 (payable on booking)

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