Pregnancy small talk

I can’t take much more of it.

Granted, it’s less intense in some ways second time round. When you’re with your toddler, most people barely notice you’re expecting, and you’ve generally forgotten yourself until they’re in bed.

And I’m not in a workplace with 500 people I’m slightly familiar with but don’t really know 90% of at all, plus surrounded by the general public – that was the reality with pregnancy number 1. Retail. The repetition was devastating.

So it’s easier this time for sure. But still it’s more than I can tolerate. Hormones much?

Here are my highest charting lines:

  1. When are you due?
  2. Do you know what you’re having?
  3. oh well, you can keep trying (Yep, as a follow on from 2.)
  4. Aren’t you big?
  5. Aren’t you low?

I don’t mind it with people I actually know, or am getting to know, they may well be interested and it’s kind of them to show an interest.

But people I will never see again. Total strangers. I find it a weirdly personal thing to discuss with them in the street.

A few of my clients have told me they’ve been asked “was it planned?!” Which is surely the worst.

So. Is it just me, or are you tiring of the endless analysis? Wish people would talk to you about something else? Thinking now about all the times you’ve followed this social convention yourself and gotten stuck into the obligatory list of Qs?

I urge the non-preggers amongst us- when you find yourself in a lift, at a bus stop, in a queue with a woman plus bump, keep it to the weather, ask how she’s feeling, or tell her she looks great. I need more of that. Big and low are not my appearance goals…

***disclaimer- moody, hormonal mostly in jest post. Know most people are just being friendly. It’s hearing number 3 from someone that set me off. I’ll be over it in the morning.


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