Monday Mother: Stephanie Witt, Founder of Dress Doctor

This weeks Monday Mother, what a fab concept from Stephanie Witt – Founder of Dress Doctor… links at bottom of interview
Tell us about what you do- your mothering situation and your work outside of that.
I have three little ones that call me Mummy: Max 6, Hugo 4 and Estella 2. My little girl has just started a few hours in pre school, which has given me the gift of time to concentrate on my business Dress Doctor.
Dress Doctor was born in 2008 stemming from my obsession with style and fashion. I offer style consultations to establish how I can tailor your clothing choices to suit your personality and lifestyle. I also do wardrobe surgeries to sort out the hoarder in you and encourage a wardrobe that works for you. I then offer shopping trips to help give you the knowledge and ideas to dress for a new confident you. I can then return home with you to incorporate your new purchases into your existing wardrobe. My mission is to make everyday dressing simple and make it easy for my clients to select outfits that make them shimmer with natural confidence.
What kind of work did you do before having children?
Was there life before nappies and no sleep?! If there was I used to be a personal assistant to directors at Elle and Red magazines. Previously to that a was a personal assistant to fashion designer Nicole Farhi. I also more recently worked as the weekend stylist for Lakeside shopping centre.
How did you get into your current work?
My styling business was created because of my insider experience of the fashion industry, through working at magazine and design houses.
My life long obsession with Vogue magazine led to me sharing my knowledge of fashion through my business.
What drives you?
I want to break down the misconceptions surrounding the fashion industry. Lots of people think it’s all air kisses and anorexia. I want to help people realise that fashion, style and dressing to enhance, is and should be available to everybody.
I am totally down to earth and honest. I offer a fresh pair of eyes and a new way of making yourself feel good, by choosing attire that reflects your personality and unique style. I will give you the foundations you require to go shopping knowing what to pick out to flatter and enhance your individual shape.
I especially want to reach out to mums to share my experience in how to keep your confidence through all that physical and psychological change. We grow so much as people after having a baby and your wardrobe also needs to mature with you.
What is your biggest challenge in making it all work?
Swapping to a ‘can do’ attitude and shaking off a bad case of Imposter Syndrome. I am great at talking about what a need to do, but find it hard to physically achieve it.
I need to stop doing housework!
What are you most proud of?
I am really proud of my stint as the weekend stylist at Lakeside. I learnt so  much and really grew as a stylist in that time. I now feel ready to focus on my own stylist venture.
Where will your work take you in the future? What are your plans?
My goal is to be the ‘go to’ stylist in Leigh on Sea. I want to work hand in hand with local boutiques in Leigh to educate woman and men on how to dress for their unique silhouettes. We have a wealth of beautiful shops in the area, we just need to know how best to use them.
What would you say to yourself as a brand new mum?
Enjoy your fresh little bundle, because that saying they grow so fast couldn’t be truer. I worried I was doing it all wrong, but now I know to trust your instincts and to close your ears to all those “he slept though the night at 2 days old”. It’s all lies!
Self care- what do you do to fill your cup?
I cocoon myself in a blanket with a bar of Green and Blacks 70% and devour as many fashion magazines as possible.
I also place myself under my husband’s armpit once all three are upstairs and watch Netflix. Narcos is our current love interest!
Lastly, go shopping and or for a latte with NO kids / nappy bag / Peppa Pig paraphernalia…
Your website and social media details please…
FB @dressdoctor15
Instagram dressdoctor15
Twitter stephanie_witt@dressdoc
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