Monday Mother: Sarah Ridge of Sarah Jane Loves

What I love about this interview with Sarah is that it shows us, life is made in how we respond to our circumstances- she could have given up, but she didn’t, and now…
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Tell us about what you do- your mothering situation and your work outside of that.
Back in January 2016 I found out the jewellery company I was working with had gone bust….by email!! It broke my heart at the time but fast forward to June 2017 and I’ve been able to launch my very own jewellery business, Sarah Jane Loves… It’s been a huge rollercoaster so far but I’m loving every minute!
Being my own boss means I can be there for my two children – Rosie who’s about to turn 13 (how can I be Mum to a teenager?!!) and Oliver who’s 9. Don’t get me wrong…it’s a massive juggling act and sometimes it can feel like you’re dropping balls left right and centre!! But I’ve always believed that it’s really important to show your kids that if you want something badly enough and you work hard, you can achieve anything. Also, having a daughter, I want her to see that it’s ok to have a strong work ethic and that you can be an independent woman capable of anything you put your mind to.
What kind of work did you do before having children?
My career history is varied to say the least!! I worked as a professional dancer when I left school which was a dream come true! I then fell into TV & Radio presenting briefly until my husband Paul and I got together, which was when I began to explore a career in the sales industry.
How did you get into your current work?
I first discovered direct sales when Oliver was a baby. I stumbled across Jamie at Home, Jamie Oliver’s party plan business, and immediately fell in love with all the products. I also really liked the way I could build a business within a business and work flexibly around my family. I’ve since worked with several DS companies and each one has taught me something that has helped me get to where I am now. I’m passionate about mentoring women in business and nothing makes me happier than seeing ladies I’m working with blossom and grow.
What drives you?
Quite a few things! Some I’ve mentioned already – most definitely being a role model for my children and the ladies I work with. But also wanting to take the pressure off of my husband who works so hard for us! I’d love for him to be able to retire and go back to doing things he loves. Hopefully one day I can make that happen!
What is your biggest challenge in making it all work?
Time management for sure!! I know that’s true of any working mum though! Even with both of my children at school there never seems to be enough hours in the day!!!
What are you most proud of?
Firstly, I think it’s my determination and resilience. I’ve picked myself up and dusted myself off more times than I care to remember!! Secondly, my new business – it was so scary setting up on my own but I’m immensely proud of what I’ve achieved so far.
Where will your work take you in the future? What are your plans?
As my business is still so young, I’m keen to build things up gradually. I’ve seen what can happen when you grow too big too fast!! I’m really looking forward to mentoring lots more ladies and helping them build their own businesses, on their own terms.
What would you say to yourself as a brand new mum?
That no baby ever died from crying too much!!! That it’s ok to not be ok and to ask for help more. Also to cherish every single moment as they grow up wayyyy too fast!!!!
Self care- what do you do to fill your cup? 
Walking my pooch Barney makes me very happy! If I had more time I’d love to get back into performing. I pop along to an adult singing class when I get the chance – nothing makes you feel better than belting out a show tune with a bunch of like minded ladies!!!
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