Monday Mother: Michelle Virtual Assistant


Today’s Monday Mother is Michelle Anderson from Michelle Virtual Assistant. This is such a fantastic service, and something that the rest of us growing businesses around our kids can really benefit from. Her links at the bottom of the interview…

Tell us about what you do- your mothering situation and your work outside of that. 

I have a 2 year old and 1 year old! (Stupid or clever idea having them so close I’m not sure! Maybe clever in a few years :)) Before having children I worked in London for 15 years in the Finance Industry. I always thought I’d go back to London to work after having my children but I felt too guilty putting them both in nursery for 12 hours a day. I’m also very aware that they won’t stay little for long so I decided to embrace this time! However, being in employment since the age of 16 I found it hard not having a profession so in July 2017 I set up Michelle Virtual Assistant.

What kind of work did you do before having children?

Office based 9-5 in London.

How did you get into your current work?

Actually it was a friend that suggested I should become a VA. At first I had a bit of self doubt and thought no I can’t do that. Then I come to my senses and realised that I’d only be doing what I’ve done for the last 15 years and the only difference would be is that I’m control!

What drives you?

I love having goals and something to work towards! It’s great that I am able to stay at home with the children but I really need to use my work brain too! I also want my children to be proud of me!

What is your biggest challenge in making it all work?

Having very young children it is difficult to get all the time I need to be able to promote my business and attend networking events. However, I am happy to let it grow organically and enjoy the ride!

What are you most proud of?

My children! Being from a single parent family, I am proud of what I have achieved in life without any financial help.

Where will your work take you in the future? What are your plans?  

In the new year I hope to attract more clients! In the future I see myself hiring associates to be part of my business!

What would you say to yourself as a brand new mum?

That it is hard but all you can do is your best and that is good enough! You will laugh and cry but we all go through the same! Just take your time to adjust to your new role/life and know it will get easier! Being a mummy is the most amazing gift you can be blessed with!

Self care- what do you do to fill your cup? 

I wish I had more time for self care but I know this will come in good time! A nice walk, extra sleep if I can get it and a yoga class is a nice treat!

Your website and social media details please.

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