Monday Mother: Liz Moore, Owner of Rebalance Holistic Therapies

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Tell us about what you do…

I am Liz, a mother of a 20 month year old boy and I live in Southend with my husband. I love laughter, happiness, time with friends and family, walks along the seafront, Crystals, Zumba classes, Pilates. I am also the proud owner of Rebalance Holistic Therapies, I offer Organic and Vegan facials, Reiki and Crystal healing from my tranquil treatment room.   I am passionate about my work and how important it is to look after ourselves in today’s world, we are all so busy and we often forget to take much needed time out.  My aim is always the same that a client leaves a treatment feeling totally relaxed and refreshed, bringing a sense rebalance to mind body and soul. 

What kind of work did you do before having children?

I worked in HR in London Canary Wharf, it was a good job and I got to travel and work on many different projects, however it never felt like I was doing my  ‘soul’ work or my true calling, I always had an interest in holistic therapies and anything that makes us feel good.

How did you get into your current work?

I tried Reiki in 2012 and I couldn’t believe the warm heat that I felt on my shoulder during the treatment, I wanted to learn more and decided to train to become a Reiki practitioner.  At the same time my mother had been diagnosed in her late 50s with Alzheimers and I felt it could be something to help her.  I started doing Reiki on friends and family and always dreamed about setting up my own business, in 2016 I started to hire a room at a yoga centre a couple of Saturdays a month to gain experience in my therapies alongside my London job.   I had also since trained in Crystal healing, Angel card readings and later in Facials.  In 2018 I decided not to go back to my London job instead I took the plunge and opened my own holistic therapies business from home a couple of days a week and so Rebalance Holistic Therapies was born!

What drives you? 

I like to take a mind, body and spirit approach in my treatments and seeing the difference in a client from entering the treatment room to them leaving is wonderful, they are totally relaxed ready to take on life again! 

What is your biggest challenge in making it all work?

Juggling with being a mother and keeping up with learning and marketing, everything I guess that comes with working for yourself!  Also people knowing I am actually here in Southend offering therapies – I am to trying to get out there more via social media letting people know what I do.

What are you most proud of?

Having the courage to set-up on my own.  I feel I am doing what I was born to do.  Also being able to give Reiki to my mother throughout her illness and during her final hours, it gave us both great comfort.

Where will your work take you in the future? What are your plans?

I am interested in incorporating using crystals on the face during facials as there are so many benefits so I am currently learning more about this.  I would like to explore using sound healing in treatments too and interested in learning more about life coaching.

What would you say to yourself as a brand new mum?

Be kind to yourself.  It will all work out.  Don’t stress so much.  Remember to take time out for you as well.

What do you do to nourish yourself? 

I love a spa day, a walk in nature or night out with family and friends.

Your website and social media details please.

Facebook @rebalanceholistictherapies

Instagram @rebalanceholistictherapies

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