Monday Mother: Gemma Gosden, Artist & Co-Founder of The Seashack

Today it’s Gemma Gosden – Artist & Co-founder of The Seashack
Tell us about what you do- your mothering situation and your work outside of that.
Hello, I’m Gemma and I’m Mum to 3 little people who are 6, 4 & 20 months.  I also run a small creative business with my Mum, Shirley, called The Seashack.  We sell a range of our own artwork and paper goods, designed to inspire, provoke thought and encourage other women.
What kind of work did you do before having children?
I worked in London in various admin roles before settling as a PA in Marketing. 

How did you get into your current work?
Returning to my role in London 5 days per week didn’t feel like a viable option and I had the chance to take voluntary redundancy with my employer.  So I went for it!  I loved being at home with my Son but I found the first year of Motherhood totally consuming and I realised that I  needed a balance; which meant having something for myself as well.  Mum and I had talked about joining forces and becoming self employed so we took the plunge!  We decided to combine our creativity and love for anything uplifting and see if we could do something to encourage and inspire others too.

What drives you?
My biggest drive is my love of what I do.  Many times over the past couple of years we’ve considered giving up.  We’ve wondered if life would just be simpler without running a business on top of everything else!  But we always come back to what we love to do.  Without creativity I feel lost and every time we hand letter a quote or create a new piece with meaningful words, those words sink in a little more and inspire me to keep going.

What is your biggest challenge in making it all work?
My biggest personal challenge is probably focus or decision making.  I’d love to blame being busy with my 3 children but I always believe there is a way to find time for everything you love.  Efficiency is what I struggle with – in fact we both do – and it’s an ongoing battle!
What are you most proud of?
I am most proud of the fact we have kept going, through all sorts of challenges and we have grown so much along the way.  I am proud of the balance I’ve worked to achieve between work and family life.

Where will your work take you in the future? What are your plans?
In around 3.5 years my youngest will start school (sob!) and that is when I can see me being able to dedicate more time to our business.  It’s scarily close which I why I want to dedicate as much time as possible to enjoying the children while they are little.  I would love us to continue to collaborate & connect with others, grow our social media following and carry on encouraging and uplifting others through our work.  The big dream is to have our very own Seashack – a premises for our work and shop for our designs.  And a place that others can come to feel inspired.

What would you say to yourself as a brand new mum?
If I could tell myself anything I’d say please don’t compare yourself – or your baby – to others.  I’d tell myself he’s perfect as he is and that I am enough.  And that every moment, whether challenging or lovely, is just that – a moment.  Hindsight it a wonderful thing but I’m just grateful I started to realise these things not too far in to my parenting journey.

Self care- what do you do to fill your cup?
To be honest I try to just stop.  I slow down and I try to drop whatever I can so that I can simplify things.  The perfectionist in me feels like this is a bit like starting again!  I like to read anything motivational to get me back on track or chat to Mum for some reassurance or manpower with the children!  Drinking lots of water, making sure I’m eating well and in an ideal world, exercising (which doesn’t happen often enough), is always a winner too.

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