Monday Mother: Gemma Bennett, founder of Hidden Gem Holistic Health & Happiness and one half of Soulful Hearts modern day wellbeing events


I am SO THRILLED to feature Gemma Bennett, founder of Hidden Gem Holistic Health & Happiness and one half of Soulful Hearts modern day wellbeing events. I first met Gemma around 3 years ago, and was immediately struck by her authenticity- it shines out of her. She has supported me with reiki and EFT, I send my family, friends and clients to her whenever they are in need- SHE. IS. AWESOME. Her links at the end of the interview…


Tell us about what you do – your mothering situation and your work outside of that.

I am mother to a lovely and incredibly fun 2 year old boy. I work within my own company hidden gem as a counsellor and holistic therapist, specialising in emotional wellbeing and balance. I use various therapies such as CBT, EFT ,Reiki and Bach flower remedies to assist in releasing emotional difficulties like anxiety, stress, depression, trauma or just a general feeling of loss of self.
I am a Reiki master and regularly teach Reiki courses throughout the year and have also recently teamed up with my friend and Reiki therapist Ella, as Soulful Hearts, to run various wellbeing events and reiki shares.
My husband owns Platinum PT Studio in Leigh Broadway and although this is very much his ‘baby’ which i’m super proud of him for, I do help out with certain admin aspects as a Co-director here too.

What kind of work did you do before having children?

I opened Hidden Gem 5 years ago and have been working with Reiki and EFT for nearly 8 years so I was working in this way before I had my Son. Since having him I now work part time and running the courses and events is new, I feel my therapies have naturally evolved too as things do but the basis is the same.

How did you get into your current work?

I discovered these therapeutic techniques relatively young whilst on my own personal journey , I’d say Reiki found me really and the rest naturally evolved. I was working as a personal trainer at Excel gym at the time, surrounded by wonderful colleagues who opened my eyes to the power of the mind, it’s effects on emotional health and a holistic way of living. It was here my journey of self connection accelerated and my interest in people really sparked. I then divided my time at the gym between personal training and Reiki before undergoing further qualifications in counselling, EFT and naturopathy and setting up on my own as Hidden Gem.

What drives you?
I’m driven by happiness and inspired by people . How cheesy is that! But seriously let me explain. It’s my belief we are naturally meant to feel good, that our natural state is one of inspiration, balance , self love and  connection, but so many things can make this feeling seem fleeting. So many people are battling various emotional blocks that prevent this , I feel passionately that we can find our way to a happier state given the right tools and if I can facilitate a person’s journey to this in any way I’m driven to do so. I love people, I was always told off as a kid for talking to much and have a keen interested in acting which i think this is just my interest in connecting with other people and characters. I love our differences our uniqueness and I enjoy meeting all different souls, my clients are my inspiration.

What is your biggest challenge in making it all work?

My biggest challenge is time. Balancing mum and home life, making sure i have time for my relstionship, my friendships, myself and the work I love to do. My mind floods with ideas and i want to do it all but I’m part time, and if I eat into my mum time or me time that’ll not serve me either. So my challenge is 1. to balance my time effectively and 2. to park an idea for later if needs be.

What are you most proud of?

I’m most proud of myself when I make choices, be it business or personal, that are true to my values and authentic to me. It feels good to me to create a life on my terms.  I’m proud that I do I job I enjoy and that enables me to have plenty of time with my son too. I’m super proud of my baby boy too, he makes my heart burst.

Where will your work take you in the future? What are your plans?

I’m writing, slowly but surely I’m writing a self help book on emotional balance based on my therapeutic experience and that is accessible to the modern world we live in. Once this is complete and published I actually have a number of children’s stories floating around in my head that i’d be excited to release. I’m interested in doing more public speaking engagements too. I do have to allow this all to happen at a steady pace though if i want to maintain my work and life balance. Oh, and throw more children into the mix shall we, I intend to increase the Bennett brood at some point.

What would you say to yourself as a brand new mum?

It’s all just a phase and we’re all learning as we go. With newborns things are constantly evolving and changing so make the most of the moments to cherish and take comfort in the hard times that’ll it’ll pass, it won’t stay that way forever. I think as well you are gifted a baby and have this expectation on self to be a perfect mum, what is that anyway? We’re All  learning and trying and some things go smoothly some things don’t, just remember you are Mum you own that title no matter what, make your own mum ways.

Self care- what do you do to fill your cup?

I’m a cheerleader for self care, I whole heartedly believe self care is a necessity and should be prioritised and not a luxury that may or may not happen. You have to make it happen and saying you haven’t got time is a priorities issue not a time one. We can’t give  from empty so I truly believe it’s essential to feed your soul.
I think hobbies are great! Kids have loads of hobbies and things they do just for fun and as adults we unlearn this essential life skill. Well I do things I enjoyed as a kid. I dance and sing and get involved in productions. For example this Christmas I’m involved in a local improvised pantomime, it’s so much fun, super creative and really fills my tank. I love to move so I exercise regularly, I feel good when I’m using my body and so grateful that I can. I obviously don’t have time to do this stuff particularly the performance based things as often as I did when I was a child, but I make sure it’s crowbared in enough to keep things sweet.
Me time to re charge is important too, especially needed since juggling work and being a Mum, so I block out some time every 6 weeks thats just for me, in this time I may have booked a treatment to enjoy, or I’ll mooch around shops, take myself for a coffee or lunch, read a book, but it’s me time.  I’m really strict with this marking it in my diary 6 weeks before, as it’s all too easy to prioritise something else or let the habit go, especially as a mum, but not once have I regretted self charging like that, even if I could of been doing something else. I just see it as super important not just for how I feel but for me to be the best  version I can be as a mum, wife, therapist etc. I created this 6 week system as a new years resolution this year and have totally stuck to it. And hey, It makes me easy to buy for a Christmas too, as I just stock up on my treatment vouchers to use throughout my me time.



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