Monday Mother: Emma Smith, Owner of Los Social Ltd


I am a wife and a mum to two wonderfully crazy children – my nearly-3-year-old son Bobby and my just-turned-1-year-old Tilly.  I am now an at-home mum while I set up my new business venture. I’ve worked in media and advertising in Central London for 17+ years and due to a recent restructure now have the opportunity to set up the business that I’ve dreamed of for many years. My family and I love to travel, explore, get muddy/sandy and keep active: I find it very difficult to sit still.

In the last 4 weeks I’ve branded my own business, started having meetings, signed up and started studying for a Digital Marketing Diploma, taken part in a Lino Printing course at Create98 and had an early spring clean. As well as co-running my home and looking after our kids. And I love it!

Before settling down and starting our family I embraced the boozy culture of media and advertising. I definitely played hard as well as throwing myself into my work. Working in media in your 20’s when single and carefree is fantastic. Continuing with that pace when you have something to come home to is tough, hence my dream…

I absolutely love working in a creative environment – brainstorming, problem-solving, creating strategies and working collaboratively. I don’t want to stop doing this – I just don’t want the commute and late nights. Becoming part of the community in Leigh-on-sea has made me realise there are many opportunities for me to help smaller businesses and brands achieve their goals.

In terms of what drives me: I love making things, seeing things take shape, watching things grow and influencing change. I get a lot out of being creative so in a way, I think this line of work actually helps my mental health. Did I mention I’ve just signed up to a crochet class too 😊

My biggest challenge currently is to identify how I can monetise my business when working with smaller businesses who perhaps have more limited resources than the large companies I’m used to. I love meeting people and helping them – I need to recognise my value and be confident putting a price on it.

I am proud of taking this risk. I’ve always been employed – literally from the age of about 12 when I had a paper-round – so this is a risk and means I’m putting of lot of myself into it.

My goal is to create and maintain a successful consultancy which enables me to have work/life balance, increase my network in the local area and beyond, and to ensure that I am fulfiled.  As well as contributing to our mortgage!

If I could tell myself as a new mum anything it would be just to relax and find your rhythm. You’re so vulnerable as a new mum and concerned about what people think: if you just let your way happen it all falls into place.

To nourish myself I make stuff and learn how to make more stuff! I love creative outlets. I love to read and write my loved ones poems for their birthdays. 

My business details are:

Facebook @lossocialuk

Insta los_social_ltd


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