Monday Mother: Amber Bourne, Personal Trainer, Founder of Upminster Yummy Mummies and ‘This Girl Can’ Ambassador

This week we have the wonderful- Amber Bourne, Personal Trainer, Founder of Upminster Yummy Mummies and ‘This Girl Can’ Ambassador. She’s a local mum to two gorgeous children and an inspiration when it comes to really looking after ourselves and our bodies. She’ll show you how to exercise properly pre- and post-baby, plus she’s great fun to have a coffee (err I mean fruit smoothie) with!

If you’re local to Upminster and want to exercise safely and effectively then click on the links at the bottom of the page.



Tell us about what you do- your mothering situation and your work outside of that.


I am a Mum to a two year old and a three year old. I live with my husband and children in Upminster where I also run my personal training service and bespoke pre and post pregnancy group training sessions. Primarily Upminster Yummy Mummies (UYM) is a fitness solution for new mums wanting to break [back] into exercise, and more recently Bounce Back, for re-introducing exercise after pregnancy / giving birth.


What kind of work did you do before having children?


I spent 15 years in the city working in corporate travel running the firm’s London office. I worked with some amazing people who worked really hard and partied even harder. It was a fantastic, fun chapter of my life that I look back on fondly.


How did you get into your current work?


I’ve always been mad on sport… growing up my favorite book was the Rules of Every Sport! I’ve done several marathons, triathlons, and love to challenge myself… I long to do an Iron Man! So it was always a pipe dream to work in the fitness sector, but knowing where to start was difficult. Whilst pregnant with my first child, I decided to train as a PT and Spin instructor, but also whilst being pregnant it was difficult to find qualified fitness instructors that knew what they were fully doing for pre & post natal clients, and so decided that’s what I would focus on.


What drives you?


Well my children drive me round the bend if that’s what you mean!  (I love them but it’s true)

In all seriousness though I have a few key drivers…

I am really driven by the idea of setting a good example to my children – both in terms of leading an active and healthy lifestyle but also in terms of working towards goals. I would never suggest that all mums should work and I appreciate that not everyone even has the luxury of choice. (There are definitely benefits to be had from both situations) but for me I am driven to, a) work, first and foremost, and, b) work as a PT because of the positive examples it set for my children. I passionately want my children to understand that I work to earn money, but also that I love my work and that I love being able to help people. I want them to see the pride I take in my work and for that to inform their own life choices. And c) The enjoyment I get from seeing my clients develop on different levels, and finding a bit of their old selves again after a good workout, run, well, basically challenge away from their new life of being a mum and achieving something for themselves



What is your biggest challenge in making it all work?


Accepting it almost never all works… In order to fit everything in you have to be constantly adaptable. There are so many variables and obstacles both in my life and the lives of my clients, and so many things can get in the way – from sick kids to traffic jams. You aim to run things like clockwork and stick to a schedule but in reality, stuff gets in the way and you just have to accept it and find a workaround. Don’t sweat the small stuff!


Another issue I find really challenging is finding a balance. I am ambitious with my business and I absolutely love working with my clients but I also cherish my family and my home life. I can most definitely have both but I regularly need to check myself to make sure one thing is not encroaching too much on the other. I have to be strict with myself and learn to say no when a client asks for an appointment during designated family time and, vice versa, I have to use the time when the kids are in nursery and my husband is working effectively and efficiently. Scheduling training times logically to allow time for planning new sessions or getting that all important admin out of the way is definitely a juggling act and I definitely drop balls along the way but I am getting better all the time which is the most important thing! 


What are you most proud of?


My proudest achievement goes with out saying are my children (I so have to say this as it would officially make me a bad mum if I didn’t lol), but when it comes to personal life-goal achievements, this is what I personally struggle with I don’t naturally think I’m proud of myself very often. Which is ironic as I’m very good at telling my clients about the importance of stopping to pat themselves on the back!


I have always been goal driven but I have a habit of setting the bar high when it comes to my own goals. I do stop briefly to revel in the satisfaction of reaching a target but then I very quickly close my mind to the achievement and start aiming further ahead at a new target. I spend very little time resting on my laurels!!


On a professional level, I am really proud that I have created UYM but more than that, I am super proud of the camaraderie that I see every time I run a training session. The women really motivate and keep each other going and it’s so satisfying to see. I love watching my clients grow and change whether that’s helping a bride reach her target dress size in time for the big day, helping a client achieve a physical first or PB, or simply being a part of someone’s journey to becoming comfortable in their own skin and most importantly leading a fulfilled life due to not being in pain.  Keeping up with and carrying their ever growing children!!


Where will your work take you in the future? What are your plans?


This sounds cheesy but I would like to help as many women as I can in varying stages of life whether that’s pre wedding, pre and post pregnancy, Peri menopause, menopause post menopause or just general life fitness.


I am fully trained in pre and postnatal exercise and, alongside my regular bootcamps; I have started a small exercise initiative called Bounce Back.

It’s a small class for groups of 6. One to one training can be cost prohibitive for many but exercising in small groups like this helps clients spread the cost whilst still receiving a more tailored service, which is a key consideration with pregnancy and post-partum exercise.


This is also something I offer at my home gym where I train groups of 2-4 people at a time. For some people it’s about reducing the cost whilst for others it’s about having an ally or someone to train against. Whatever the motivator, these sessions are proving really popular and I definitely see them being a key part of my offering going forward.


What would you say to yourself as a brand new mum?


The best advice is to take no advice! Everyone you speak to has such different opinions and the Internet just compounds that even further!  Definitely be informed. Speak to people, read books, look online but ultimately make your own choices and trust your own instinct.


Block out the noise and you start to hear you own inner voice – your maternal instinct really does exist.


Self care- what do you do to fill your cup?


This makes me chuckle because I am all about everyone looking after each other and I generally forget myself! Nothing fills the soul more than spending quality time with my nearest and dearest and by this I mean both time as a family but also couples time away from the kids. I also really cherish time with my group of girl friends and I come away from our catch-ups happy and invigorated (and also sometimes a little broken!)


Meditation is something I use to keep me centered (don’t mean sitting cross legged Om – ing even though I do love it) I mean stuff like a 20-30 mins you can do quickly and anywhere.  I am massively into the concept of Mindfulness in a frantic world!


I recently found (and now love) restorative yoga. I went along to a friend’s class and now I’m sold. They bolster you, put pillows around you, encourage you to relax and loosen up to a point where you’re almost asleep – BLISS! I went in with a tight ball of stress in my tummy and a metallic taste of adrenalin in my mouth and came out floating (in the middle of the day). I can’t recommend it enough


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