Our mission at DILAM is to support parents in their parenting journey from preconception onwards, whatever twists and turns their journey takes.

That doesn’t just mean those parents and their children that come to our classes and support groups but those parents running the classes and providing the support too.

After all we are parents!

We’ve spent a long time thinking how best we could support parents in business as well as in parenthood.  We didn’t want to franchise as we didn’t want anyone to fork out a large lump sum up front to start a business and spend months working to pay off their initial investment alongside monthly fees. 

We wanted to find a better way that would ensure you could run a profitable business as soon as possible.  We also wanted to be able to support ALL parents running classes and workshops for parents and children which means also coming up with something that would allow those of you already in business to take advantage and join the DILAM family too.

The end result – we created a scale of memberships that support and suit everyone.

THE MOTHERSHIP is a membership like no other!

It’s everything you need to start your business that you’d expect to get from a franchise but with ongoing support and no hefty fees to pay!  You’ll join DILAM as one of our Mothers with use of the brand, your own page on the website to take bookings through, a step by step process for starting your business or reinventing your business and much more.  All so you can make your business as successful as you want it to be.

All we ask is that you have the qualification you need for the class you want to run whether that’s hypnobirthing, baby massage or a children’s class.  We’re open to any class or workshop that’s supportive to parents or children.  See below for more detail about what you can expect as part of the THE MOTHERSHIP.

The membership

THE MEMBERSHIP is for those that don’t want to let go of their own business and branding but want to take advantage of the support and training that’s on offer.  Take advantage of perks and business meet ups as well as ongoing promotion on the DILAM social media channels and email newsletter.

The list & the free membership

THE LIST allows you to take advantage of preferential booking spots at HQ, monthly newsletter promotion and directory listing.  Our directory is no ordinary directory listing.  It’s a curated list of businesses offering a wide range of products and services that we know our community will love and use.  Because of this we make sure our community are fully aware of it so they can dip in when they want to.

That leaves THE FREE membership, which is for those people that would rather go it alone but take advantage of HQ and all that it has to offer.

the Mothership

Become a Mother!
£ 45
per month + 15% bookings + £179 Joining Fee
  • As Membership
  • DILAM branding licence
  • DILAM IG + FB social media profiles
  • DILAM Canva templates (social & leaflets)
  • Dedicated bookings & profile page
  • T-shirt + jumper/hoodie
  • 15% off all merchandise
  • DILAM building your business course
  • DILAM LIVE workshop
  • Own DILAM email address
  • No DILAM venue hire or booking system fees
  • Monthly Q&A
  • Your own DILAM territory
  • Join The Mothership FB community

the Membership

Book HQ + List + Marketing Support
£ 15
per month
  • As The List
  • Tile on Other Classes Pages
  • Quarterly networking meetings
  • Online building your business course
  • 10% off merchandise

the list

Book HQ + Directory Listing
£ 5
per month
  • As Free Plan
  • Preferential dates/times over ad hoc bookers
  • Listing in directory, with description + contact details

FREE membership

For booking HQ only.
  • Monthly and weekly What's On email
  • Weekly What's On Social Post
  • Listing on What's On Page
  • Optional use of our booking system*

*We are able to take bookings via our system for any classes or workshops taking place at HQ. The cost of this is 6% per booking to cover payment and admin fees.


The Hirers terms and conditions apply to all bookings.