Maternity photoshoot? Go on then… #familystyle #notsultrystyle #theymakemefeelweird


Never even considered it when I was pregnant with Louis. To be honest, I thought it was a bit self indulgent, and I had only seen super cheesy, fairly intimate, (and some weirdly seductive?!)  images that I couldn’t imagine hanging proudly in my living room.

3 things are different this time-

Firstly, this is my last (planned…) pregnancy. First time, I thought I would really remember the experience as its so special at the time. But life, and exciting new milestones take over, leaving the experience of pregnancy a bit of a blur in my mind. I found I couldn’t really recall the size of my bump, even struggled to believe that this growing human used to live in there. Nice to know you didn’t dream it…

Secondly, I can really appreciate the uniqueness of this moment in time- our last weeks as a family of 3, of little Lord Louis being an only one. I know that, before long, it will feel like his little brother has always been there. It will be cool to have a little momento from what will turn out to be a tiny portion of our family life. I’m welling up with preggo hormones. My poor baby. Having to share. Must remember giving him the greatest gift, NOT ruining his life. Repeat.

IMG_6230 bw

Thirdly, and importantly- I met Petra, and saw her pictures. This stuff was working for me. Only a token shot of the three of us smiling into the camera (probably the only non selfie pic of the 3 of us we have). The rest, focussed neatly on the bump and toddles, capturing this lovely moment.


I sent her a few ideas of the sort of thing I would like, she had more fab suggestions and was entirely easygoing re anything I didn’t fancy. She somehow got Louis cooperating #miraclemaker.

I am really thrilled with the pics, and already looking forward to our family newborn shoot. This time, I can’t wait to get them on my walls. Although I have to. Last time I hammered into the living room wall in haste I caused a plaster catastrophe, still evidenced today. Hubs says it needs a drill, and I am weirdly scared of the drill. But I’ve bought picture rails and frames. I’m excited.

If you’re considering getting your bump captured, get yourself over to Petra’s website and enjoy. No racy lingerie required.

And oooooo, there’s no no link to be made so I’ll just say it- I’ve got a couple of spaces left on my ‘return to teaching’ group course in July. Drop me and email at if you fancy it. I’ll have another lovely birth story of my own to share with you. In the words of every stranger in the street ever, “Not long now!”. More info across the site.

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