The Magic of Three Words Thursdays


Surreal. Uncomfortable. Wet…

Tired. Uncomfortable. Apprehensive.

Cool, Calm & Collected.

Bittersweet, exhausting, precious.

Enormous. Anxious. Hot.

I mean WTF is this all about?? These are 5 different women’s perspectives on the final week of pregnancy.

Every Thursday, I post in our community Facebook group– one topic, the first 3 words you think of that describe YOUR experience of it (I do it on instagram too).

Why? Yep- it’s mega lolz, but it’ so much more than that. As mothers, we have SO MUCH ON. Whether we work outside the home or are with our kids full time, have partners, friends, lives to keep up with, on top of keeping small humans alive- it’s relentless and everlasting.

When we are in that headspace, it’s easy to become consumed by our own outlook on the world, and to seek to justify our own approach to life by comparing and contrasting to others. We judge (even silently), ourselves and others, and lose sight of the fact that we are each striving to do our very best for our families in our own unique circumstances.

I find it SO INSIGHTFUL when we share our perspectives of the things we have in common. It reminds me that we each come at every single challenge carrying our own stuff, with varying degrees of info and support, and some good or bad luck sprinkled on top.

We mother best when we mother together, but that doesn’t mean we need to mother the same. To #doitlikeamotherhood means to accept this, and to say, “I’ve got your back, even if I don’t agree with you.” Sometimes that will mean sharing information, sometimes an act of kindness or simply a smile.

So let’s speak our truths, hear each other and stand together in solidarity. Your highs may be my lows, my triumphs your traumas, but our commonalities run through it all. We share the striving, the stressing, the waking, the working, the loving, the loathing, the wishing and missing. So let’s do it together.

#doitlikeamotherhood #doitlikeamother #honesty #empowerment #community

ps if you’re preggers right now, you can find details of our courses here– they are basically an induction into recognising your own innate power. You’re welcome.

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