Doing It Like A Mother Changed Their Lives


‘Your course changed my life.’ Twice, I heard this yesterday. And from women who you would have looked at before and thought, “she has her shit together”.

How can an antenatal course achieve that? Your standard one can’t. Even your average hypnobirthing course won’t. But this is not your average hypnobirthing course. This is years of experience in antenatal education, with the bits that make a difference enhanced and ramped up, the bits that don’t help you cut right out- we ain’t got time for that. It’s jam packed to the absolute brim as it stands.

PLUS then, stuff I’ve learnt about about the ACTUAL MAGICAL POWERS of mindset work as I’ve geeked my way though thousands of pounds worth of coaching and education. And it’s all there for you, applied to birth. Snippets that change things- that give you a sense of confidence and power, that facilitate you truly taking control of your internal environment and outlook.

And of course you can put it to good use beyond the birth too, as these women I mentioned have.

We are not just here to show you a better way to birth. We are here to reveal to you your own innate brilliance. To disrupt your limiting beliefs about what you are capable of, and who you really are.

You are an absolute mother, and you’d better believe it, and act like it. So yes, there’ll be birth positions and breathing techniques and and massage and everything you’ll expect. But there’ll also be an opportunity to get your head round what it will take for you to emerge feeling POWERFUL BEYOND MEASURE regardless of how it goes. And then to carry that forward.

If you haven’t heard, motherhood can be challenging. Get yourself off to a good start, and equip yourself for the daily rollercoaster at the same time.

Join our Facebook Community Group here, and check out the course here. At time of writing, there’s availability on February’s group, 17th & 18th, 10-4 each day. Any time from 20-36 weeks. #doitlikeamother

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