Dear beautiful winter babies,
Welcome to the world, my darling little ones.  I hear the journey was rough and scary. I heard you were unsure and frightened after your travels. I heard you weren’t happy in this new and unfamiliar world, outside of heaven. I know it’s a strange, bright, loud, cold and crazy world out here but I promise it will get easier for you. You will get used to the light and begin to open those little eyes to take in all the sights. You will become accustomed to the odd sounds that surround you each day. You will begin to open up, ever so slowly and open out your arms to let the world in, and you will find comfort and joy in all the new discoveries out there, just patiently waiting for you. You will!

But for now, that can all wait. Now is for calm and peace. Now is for you! You must snuggle. Right in there! And rest, for the journey was long and hard, on you and your mummy. Now just take the time getting to know the lovely, lucky people who get to be your parents on this earth.
Be patient with each other as it’s a new world for all of you.  Slowly fall in love with one another and let everything else just fall away.  Nothing else matters now apart from your little family.  Tell your mummy that it is ok to just sit and cuddle you and reconnect with you on the outside world.  She’s not to worry about hosting, cleaning, or doing jobs.  She needs to rest.   Tell her that it is ok to feel overwhelmed and emotional, she’s a newborn mother.  She has created, grown and carried a tiny new life and brought it safely into the world.  No small feat!   She has shared her body and soul with you.  Her heartbeat has been the very center of your universe up until now.  This is her chance to heal and restore.  To settle into this beautiful, scary new role as ‘mummy’.  Tell her to take her time.  To slow right down. To enjoy these lazy days. It won’t be like this forever.  Tell her that it is ok not to know it all.  None of us do! Tell her it is ok to need help. We all do! This shouldn’t be done alone.  It takes a village to raise our young after all.

Tell your daddy that you want as many snuggles on his chest each and every single day.  Tell him you love the sound of his beautiful, deep voice and those funny faces he pulls.  Tell him you want him to comfort you and that it is ok if you cry sometimes. He shouldn’t take it personally.   And tell them both that although it will be hard at times, and you’re sure there will be tears of sadness, exhaustion or frustration for you all, there will be more love, more laughter and more happiness than any of you can ever have imagined. You will have the most magical time discovering, exploring, learning, growing.  Together!

These precious moments are so fleeting and precious.  They are yours to cherish and it is now! That is all any of us ever really have.  Now!  Everything else can wait!  The bleak mid winter was made for hibernating.  So as it begins to really settle in for us all, let’s batten down the hatches and enjoy this time of year, being with our little ones and folding ourselves up in the warmth of a loving embrace.   We all have time for that!

And know that if you or your parents ever need anything, ever, we are always here.   With encouraging words of love and support.  An open door and a place at our table.  The kettle on and a slice of cake waiting.  We always have the time to listen to you and help in anyway we can.  We are in this together.  We are stronger together.  On this journey called parenthood.

Love and light always


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