Is everything going to be ok? YESMum

Here’s the truth: motherhood is a rollercoaster. In the dark. With safety instructions in a foreign language.

Outside of this experience, I have never known such elation, exhaustion, strength, despair, love, joy, worry, frustration, awe, both self confidence and self doubt, both loneliness and the solidarity of sisterhood, the spectrum is limitless.

The truth is, that the aforementioned sisterhood, “the village” isn’t always on hand. Many of us are taking on the majority of our mothering hours solo. And whilst we are strong, capable, more awesome than we ever knew, it’s not always easy to remember this.

I tell the birth partners on my hypnobirthing courses that the most important thing they can offer the birthing mother is loving encouragement- that we all need to hear that we are doing well, to know that someone is rooting for us. This carries through from labour into motherhood, when the real magnitude of our situation kicks in…

We are now responsible for the life of another, a tiny person who we love more than we knew possible. The weight of the responsibility can be crushing, the desire to ‘succeed’ overwhelming. Our rational selves may know that we are up to the task, but motherhood is not a rational state for many of us, much of the time.

In my experience, and talking to the mamas I work with, we need that encouragement more than ever. A little ray of light each day, reminding us how fricking fantastic we are, and that, YES, everything IS going to be ok.

Enter YESMum Cards, brain child of social entrepreneur Hollie De Cruz. With these little boxes of confidence, Hollie offers us the voice of the village on our bedside tables.

And they’re not just for mums, with ranges including mum-to-be (saw me through my pregnancy and home birth), human, mum-boss, kids, wellbeing and papa. Because who amongst us could not benefit from a gentle daily nudge in a positive direction?!

I am delighted to say I am now stocking YESMum cards, available to purchase from me at the retail price of £10.50 at any of my coffee mornings/ workshops/ events. I am only holding a relatively small stock to begin with, so please do check with me in advance for availability, or let me know if you would like me to order them in for you. For now, they will be collection only, which we can arrange outside of these events etc if needed, and so you lovely locals can save on the postage.

I am even more excited to say that, from July, a pack of mum-to-be cards will be included in little bags of goodness for all the mamas enrolled on my hypnobirthing courses as a special gift to keep the positive vibe alive, yay!

Find out more about YESMum here… and follow @theyesmummum on Instagram for more daily inspirationimage3


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