I quit my job… and here’s why.


Well, I did it! I finally found the courage to give up my registration as a midwife!

It was a long time coming but, as many of you will know, giving up something that is such an important part of your identity is not easy. 

I absolutely loved being a midwife. I loved being there for families during the most vulnerable, yet powerful time of their lives. I loved seeing women realise their true strength as they birthed their babies. It was simply amazing.

But I wanted more. 

I yearned for the connection I had with families when I was a community midwife. I would carry out all of the appointments in their homes. I’d get to know the family and the extended family. I would really understand what was important to that family and why. So, when it came to supporting them at the birth, I could wholeheartedly work in a way that was right for them. I didn’t need to constantly be guessing what I thought was best. I didn’t have to make the small talk to get to know them, because we already knew each other so well. It was honestly a magical way of working.

And I missed it!

Unfortunately those jobs are few and far between and even fewer and farther between when you add in the fact that I need flexible, part-time hours because I’m a mum too. I kept searching for the right job. Hoping I’d find a family-friendly opportunity but it just wasn’t happening.

This desire to really serve families and give them the best of me is what really fuelled my determination though. And it is what drove my decision to leave the profession altogether… well almost. You see, although I am no longer a registered midwife. Although, I can no longer write ‘RM’ after my name. I am still very much a midwife in my heart. I mean, the very definition of the word ‘midwife’ is to be ‘with woman’ and that’s exactly what I intend to be.

As my professional life develops, I am moving into the realm of being a doula. In this role, I will be able to serve local families. I’ll be able to visit families during pregnancy, providing them with antenatal education and information specifically tailored to them. I’ll be on-call for the births- quietly and confidently reminding every mother of her awesomeness, whilst making sure birth partners are included and looked after too. And I’ll be there for those postnatal days, supporting with feeding and early newborn care. Almost like a fairy-godmother of birth (or as someone said yesterday- ‘the Mary Poppins of Midwifery’).

Making birth the awe-inspiring experience I know it to be, for every family is my goal. Helping each woman take control of her birth and to really step into her power. To make decisions that are right for her, not the system. To take active steps to maximise the chance of a physiological birth and to show her the strength in accepting medical help when it is truly needed. 

This is my dream and I’m making it a reality.

I cannot wait to get started. 

So, that’s me. If you happen to be pregnant right now and you’re looking for that TLC, I’m here for you. Just get in touch at Chloe@doitlikeamother.co.uk or read here for more information.

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